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Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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Baptist Men

Men’s Worship Rally
Lakeview Baptist Church, Monroe
Tuesday, November 18, 2014
You are invited to an evening of fellowship that will include music, a spiritual challenge, discussion, & prayer. Bring the men of your church and join others from the region as we pursue being the men Godcreated us to be. Every man and his pastor is invited. Supper begins at 6:15 pm and rally concludes by 8:30 pm. The cost is $5 per person and will help offset the cost of the meal. For more information or to register visit our website at: www.baptistsonmission.org/Church-Programs/Mens-Ministries/Men-s-Worship-Rallies or contact NC Baptist Men at 919-459-5596 or mabernathy@ncbaptist.org.
Mark Hinson, UBA's Baptist Mens Director, has been working on the trailer used in disaster work.  It is finally finished.  Check it out below:
Men's Ministry Spotlight Church: 
Lakeview Baptist, Monroe NC
     How many of you have watched their women's, children, and youth ministries thrive in churches, while the only "men's ministry" event you ever went to, was the occasional country breakfast that a couple of the guys whipped up a few times a year?  Until three years ago, I was that guy and that was my church.  It is happening in so many churches across our state and our country.  I am writing this to tell you though, there is HOPE.
     Something changed in my heart and in our church three years ago at a revival.  I will spare you all the details, but suffice it to say that God called the men of our church together to step up and lead the way HE  called us to.  I'm guessing that some of you can relate.  But once you get the call, how can you start an entire men's ministry?  The answer is simple, you can't!
     When a group of men began talking about starting a men's ministry at our church, we realized two key elements had to be in place:
  1. Prayer:  We had to pray for HIS leadership and vision to create a men's ministry.
  2. Team:  If one person tries to lead the ministry, he will get burned out, frustrated and discouraged.  There has to be a team of guys pitching in.
     We found men who had gifts in areas like discipleship, missions, recreation and even creativity.  Yes, we have a creative director.  You know the guy that always has all the crazy ideas?  You need him too.  Once we had our team in place, we knew that "TOGETHER" and with "HIS" help, we could reach men.
     Three years later, I want to share with you what GOD has done through our church:
          In August, we teamed up with FCA (Fellowhsip of Christian
          Athletes) to host a football scrimmage at Wingate University.
          Eight teams comprising of over 500 athletes heard the
          Gospel after they played football.  Each player was also given
          a chance to receive a copy of the Bible.
          In October, we hosted the Union Outdoor Expo and Dinner.
          This event was designed to minister to sportsmen and women.
          We prayed and planned and prayed some more.  Seven
          hundred and twenty (720) people showed up and 97 people
          asked Jesus into their hearts!  Praise God!
I share this with you, not to brag or boast about anything we have done.  I want you to see that when God calls and you answer, He will do things beyond your wildest dreams.  God will lead you and you will see HIM do amazing things.
In HIS service
Brian Stephenson
Lakeview Baptist Church
Monroe NC  28110
-copied from the Baptists on Mission Spring 2014 edition
2015 Missions Conference
Ten Reasons for Adults on Mission
  1. Provides a way for men, women and couples to serve together to meet the needs of the unchurched.

  2. Encourages project-based, active learning opportunities for those typically not interested in a meeting format.

  3. Has a flexible team format that can be shaped around the interests of those involved rather than around a formal organizational structure.

  4. Creates a purpose-driven environment that helps Christians fulfill the outward focus of the Great Commission.

  5. Teaches adults the biblical reasons for reaching out to non-Christians down the street and around the world.

  6. Makes a personal connection from your church to individual missionaries your church supports through your state missions offering, the Cooperative Program, the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® for International Missions and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering® for North American missions.

  7. Helps the local church understand its role in the larger missions enterprise of national organizations, missions-sending agencies and God's global mission.

  8. Instills an evangelistic spirit through hands on ministry to those without Christ.

  9. Strengthens the concept of being the church outside the church walls to people who previously may not have understood the church's purpose that way.

  10. Increases giving to missions and praying for missions as a result of hands-on missions involvement, helping individual Christians to link their mind with their hearts through the work of their hands.

—Debra Berry Associational Leader Tool:  2012-2013 WMU®2012


Mission Trip Safety/Security Online Training


The NC Baptists Men and Women have partnered with Fort Sherman Academy (FSA) to provide you with an online "A Level" Mission Trip Safety/Security training. This is a 6 hour online training with over 200 slides and videos that would be excellent for team leaders and team members who are going on National or International trips. To take the online course click on the "FSA Training" button below to create an account and get started. You will need to create an acccount with FSA (create a user name and password with FSA). There are instructions below, but make sure that you fill out the "More Info" tab. Make sure that you enter "NCBM2013" for the field labeled "Choose your Organization's Number". After you choose your organization's number (NCBM2013) you will click on "Catalog" and add FSA's Sentinel #100 NCBM to your shopping cart. There is a $12 charge for the 6 hour online training. Complete the rest of the form and then click "Next". You do not have to complete the 6 hour course at one time, but you can start and stop at your convenience. Get started by clicking on the "FSA Training" button below.


Where Do I Fit In?


The Mandate video and Owner's Manual are excellent resources to help involve adults in your church in missions. The Owner's Manual is a companion piece to Mandate and is produced by the NC Baptist Men's office.  Many churches use Mandate and the Owner's Manual as meeting plans once a month on Sunday or Wednesday night as a way to get adult men and women involved in missions.

The Bible has much to say about poverty and hunger.  It is God's desire that His children not suffer from these twin perils.  Agricultural Missions sponsors international agricultural mission trips and local agricultural garden projects.  Agricultural Missions also seeks ways to increase world hunger awareness and to find solutions to this problem.  Christians who are concerned about world hunger and poverty can help find solutions to these problems at home and abroad.
The Aviation Ministry involves pilots in Christian witness and ministry by providing medical air transport for patients not requiring stretcher or en route medical care, long-distance air transport for families in need, ground transportation for patients, and assistance in disaster situations.
Baptist Builders involves volunteers in all types of construction projects, including home renovations, disaster recovery, rebuilding, new church construction, and upgrading our state Baptist camps and assemblies.
The Fellowship of Baptist Educators is an organization of educators who use their educational skills and gifts in missions.  The Fellowship of Baptist Educators promotes Christian Corresponders, teaching at home and internationally, and "Book-Link," which sends Bibles and Christian study materials all over the world.
Challengers exposes 7th-12th grade young men to the biblical basis for missions work, helps them become acquainted with local, national and international mission projects, and seeks to develop their leadership skills.
This church-focused event involves a team of lay persons, under the direction of a coordinator, that helps pastors and churches grow and mature their congregations and focus their members on the specific ministries for which they are spiritually gifted.  The Renewal Journey also includes Lay Ministry, Marketplace Evangelism Weekends, Prayer Weekends and Acts 1:89 Weekends.
The Correctional (Prison) Missions ministry seeks to encourage volunteers to develop one-on-one relationships with prison and jail inmates.  Through these friendships the message of Jesus Christ is shared and lives are changed.  Through opportunities such as Angel Tree, the ministry also allows outreach to family members outside the prison walls.
Disaster missions are divided into five ministries:  Mass Feeding, Recovery, Emergency Child Care, Chaplaincy and Water Purification.  Volunteers are trained in policies and procedures for disaster response and learn the skills needed to perform their duties.  Disaster Relief training sessions are held each spring across our state.
Family Foundations Ministry seeks to find ways to strengthen the family while developing an on mission lifestyle at home.  Protect Every Child is a new addition to Family Foundations and is a resource for parents to protect their children from cyber predators.  The Family Foundations Ministry provides pre-packaged family mission opportunities to involve the whole family in an on mission lifestyle.
The Baptist Health Care Fellowship seeks to provide Christian medical professionals with opportunities for sharing, ministering and witnessing through medical missions teams, two medical/dental buses, and personal mission service as led by the Holy Spirit at home and abroad.  Support persons who are skilled in medical assistance and lay persons who serve as translators, receptionists, etc. are also involved in this ministry.
The purpose of Men's Ministries is to assist churches in providing a well-rounded, balanced ministry that challenges men to grow in their walk with Christ, share their faith with others, find their place of service in the local church, and be on mission with God.
The goal of the Red Springs and Shelby Mission Camps is to involve churches and men, women and students in life-changing mission projects at a very affordable cost.  Each Mission Camp can house and feed up to 200 volunteers.  As we serve together, using our God-given skills, God will open doors for many spiritual needs to be met.
Numerous opportunities are available for involvement in state, national, and international missions.  Current projects include Pennsylvania, Vermont, Appalachian Coalfields, Wyoming, Montana, Hawaii, Honduras, Armenia, Ukraine, Cuba, Guatemala, Haiti, Sri Lanka, and many more.  Volunteers trained in specific skills, as well as those who are not trained, are always needed.
Because prayer should undergrid all that we do as Christians, men and women are discovering new ways to become involved in missions through praying for mission needs, mission volunteers and missionaries.
RA's exist to involve boys and their leaders in the spiritual process of developing an on mission lifestyle.  Royal Ambassadors utilize activities designed to help children learn about missions and to get involved in practical missions experiences.
Sports and Recreation Missions provide opportunities in several areas of missions and outreach.  Team sport missions provide opportunities to conduct sports camps, organize sports/evangelism ministries, and build relationships in order to share the gospel.  Individual sports such as golf provide an opportunity to reach people in new and creative ways by meeting them where they are and sharing the love of Christ.
Deep Impact helps North Carolina Baptist churches develop a comprehensive youth missions strategy to produce committed followers of Jesus Christ.  The Deep Impact youth missions strategy includes pre-packaged mission weeks, free online mission studies, weekend mission retreats, hands-on mission training and much more.  Deep Impact invites youth to live out the Great Commission alongside the greater body of Christ.
Transform 122 is a missions initiative designed to involve college students in state, national and international mission projects.  Campus ministers on college campuses and college ministers serving in local churches are welcome to sign up as a group.  Individuals can also sign up for a missions experience.
Where Do I Fit In?
For more information about any of the
NC Baptist Men ministries, contact:
NC Baptist Men/Baptists On Mission
PO Box 1107 ♦  Cary NC  27512-1107
800.395.5102, ext. 5599
Camp Caraway is a summer camp for boys, sponsored by North Carolina Baptists on Mission, and is accredited by the American Camp Association.  All boys are welcome and do not have to be active in a particular church to attend.  We also have a Christian expedition program called Christian High Adventure, featuring male-only and coed outdoor adventure and whitewater trips.  Our camp is located in the beautiful Uwharrie Mountains, seven miles west of Asheboro, North Carolina.  Since 1963 more than 65,000 boys have been challenged toward strengthening their Christian walk at Caraway.  We'd love to have your son or group of boys join us!
Camp Caraway bases its program on the Christian idea that each boy is a person of worth, created in the image of God.  Each boy is important and each has something unique and significant to contribute to the camp.  This idea is applied to every activity and to every aspect of the camp program.  The key to North Carolina's future lies with the campers of today.  Our goal is to instill within each camper the desire to be all that God created him to be.  We hope to see you at Camp Caraway this summer!
To learn more about Baptist Men's Disaster Relief efforts click here.