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Monday, January 26, 2015
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Consider this……
In Billy Graham’s own words, he wrote, "Although I have much to be grateful for as I look back over my life, I also have many regrets……. For one thing I would speak less and study more, and I would spend more time with my family….....I would spend more time studying the Bible and meditating on its truth, not only for sermon preparation but to apply its message to my life."
Maybe those words echo true for us. Of course we cannot undo the past but we can start anew while we still have time. Many people set new goals at the beginning of a new year. They range from losing weight, eating healthy, managing debt, saving money, taking an educational course, and managing stress, etcetera.
Have you considered reading through the Bible? If you have never read through the Bible, then 2015 is your best time. If you have read through the Bible, then consider that 2015 is the best time for you to do it again.
 Two stories come to my mind about this subject. One is about my mother who was in her eighties when she accomplished reading through the Bible which proves it is never too late to start. Also, several years ago while in conversation with Preacher Vance Edwards, I mentioned about reading through the Bible, and he replied that he was in the third rereading of the Bible in that year. I was feeling good about doing it once for that year. So when I think about the challenge of re-reading through the Bible, I re-visit the above stories.
I think the main difficulty in this attempt is most people start in Genesis and get bogged down in Numbers and Leviticus. So why not try something different. Why not try reading the New Testament first, or read some out of the Old Testament and some out of New Testament each day?
In 2014 I read through the Bible again. Will you join me this year in reading through the Bible? I have some websites listed for you to visit that offer a structured plan. You can also Google “reading through the Bible” or consult your pastor. www.bibleyear.com   www.biblegateway.com

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