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Friday, February 27, 2015
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Book Donations

Every library needs to be examined periodically.  Do you have extra Bibles and Bible study materials that someone overseas could be using?  Even the old study course books on subjects such as books of the Bible, how to be a deacon or how to teach children are very helpful.  Unless they address a particular book of the Bible, old Sunday School materials are less helpful because our culture in the USA is so different  from what the readers in many other countries experience.
You may know a retired pastor who is moving to a smaller home.  He may not know that the books that so informed his life and ministry can now bless a seminary student overseas.  Many schools in Africa, India, the Philippines or Belize can use materials in English.  You might ask your friend if you could help him pack and send some materials.
Pastors' widows have a hard time giving up the study materials that represent the lives and ministries of their husbands.  But, as one said recently, "It's time."  The lady on the line went on to say her husband had died four years ago.  Now it was time for her to find a home for an excellent Biblical commentary her husband had enjoyed using when he was a pastor.  I was happy to tell her that we would enjoy sharing her fine multi-volume commentary with pastors overseas who would enjoy using them in their preaching and teaching.
It costs only 40 cents a pound to send these fine books all the way to Africa.  If you would like to help, send a contribution to Book-Link, 100 Book-Link Way, Eubank, KY 42567.  Say "To send books from North Carolina" on your check.  Book-Link will send you a receipt.
And if you have books to share, contact me.  I'll be happy to work with you about getting them to me so we can ship them.
There are three collection points.  From these places the Fellowship of Baptist Educators can send books to Book-Link in Kentucky.
The Eastern pickup point is at the Red Springs Mission Camp, Red Springs, NC 28377.   Larry Osborne is the Camp Coordinator.  919-264-4397, losborne@ncbaptist.org
The Central pickup point is the NC Baptist Men's Headquarters at 205 Convention Drive, Cary, NC 27511.
800-395-5102, extension 5599
The Shelby pickup point is the Shelby Missions Camp, 1300 South Lafayette, Shelby,  NC 28152.  Eddie Williams is the Camp Coordinator.  His cell phone is 919-422-9990, ewilliams@ncbaptist.org
We need funds to pay shipping costs also.
Fellowship of Baptist Educators
122 Clinton Street, Shelby, NC 28152
Bronelle Skaggs, State Director
Bob Lamb, Executive Director
704-434-9392, home, 704-472-8704, cell or  rlamb12@carolina.rr.com
Taken from Tarheel Talk Winter 2012 & Tarheel Talk Spring/Summer 2013