Union Baptist Association
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
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Director of Missions

              Dennis'                Dialogue
“Preparing For the Coming Year”
Happy New Year! I am already being greeted this way, and it is always a wish for a successful and healthy coming year. With all the conflict going on in the world, it gives you pause to wonder what the coming year will be like. Actually, that is no different than any other year we have come to. Life is always a mystery, always a risk and always an opportunity. Life is the gift of God. Each day is His gift. Some of those days bring us sorrow, some bring joy, some bring success and some bring failure. 
God’s gift to us is not necessarily the events of those days, but the day itself. He gives it to us with the firm promise to be with us in it, no matter how it unfolds. How tragic it is when we spend a day in mundane routine and feel the day is just a waste. What greater gift is there to be given other than life itself? I hope, in the coming year, I can focus not on the events of the days, but on the day itself. How unique and special it is. I will never live it again. I will never touch those lives or live those events in exactly the same way again.
One of the greatest blessings of the coming year will be opportunity to be “on mission” with the Master. Much of our world lives without hope or purpose, and their days are filled with pain, loneliness and without direction. Christ calls us to engage our community and world with words, actions, deeds, resources and His love. Only then can we communicate the fullness of the “Good News”. I promise you that before you journey very far into 2015, the Lord will send someone across your path for you to
minister to and to whom you can lift up a word of hope and grace. 
Embrace the journey; don’t fear it. Walk in faith that He is faithful to you and will provide what you need to serve Him effectively.
I pray that in the coming year you and I can be ever more mindful of the presence of God each day. I pray that each day, even when it leads us into dark valleys, will be a cause for the celebration of God’s grace, comfort and peace. 
My greatest joy is in knowing there is not a day of next year that God has not already visited, and He awaits us there to be a part of our journey. 
Thank God for your life—life abundantly given and filled with Grace.
Happy New Year, brothers and sisters. 
Happy journey of life and faith. 
Celebrate today.