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Friday, February 27, 2015
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April 7, 2013

Titanyen, Haiti


Acts 9:6 "So he trembled and astonished, said " Lord what do you want me to do."

We read in Acts that as Saul (soon to be Paul) was walking along the Damascus Road, when he suddenly encountered Jesus. There was a bright light and a voice from heaven. Saul fell to the ground blinded. After Saul asked who was speaking to him, he said "Lord, What do you want me to do". I have always been struck by the fact that Saul did not ask "Lord, why have you done this to me?". Nor did he, when he learned to whom he was speaking, begin to ask for things that he needed. He just humbly began seeking what the Lord was requiring of him. Micah 6:8... "What does the Lord require of you but do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with God." Mark 16:15. .."Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature."

I was thinking of these passages on a hot Monday morning in the Haitian village of Cabaret. While I was watching Dr Vladimyr Roseau stand at the podium speaking to a crowd who had gathered to celebrate the official opening of the Alpha Omega Medical Ministries clinic building. You see Dr. Vladimyr, along with most in attendance, had been a victim of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. He and two doctors, one who would become his wife, and her sister lost the building they were living in and moved into pup tents provided by aid workers. He lost his means of support and suffered the loss of many people that he knew. Like Saul, Dr. Vlad was thrown to the ground and he, like Saul, got up, not asking why, but actively seeking what the Lord would have him do.

He began to look for victims... joining up with first responders from NCBM Rescue 24 unit. He then volunteered to accompany NCBM doctors and nurses who, had set up in the parking lot of a damaged hospital north of Port-a-Prince, treating thousands of injured people and often performed surgery there under a tent.

Soon after, NCBM started sending mobile medical clinics into the tent camps, village churches and remote mountain villages where some Haitians saw a doctor for the first time. Dr Vlad and Dr Marline and Dr. Francise signed on with NCBM as our Haitian medical staff. Three years to the day after the first mobile clinic, this new medical facility was being dedicated. In that time, 1466 NCBM volunteers have asked the same Question as Saul and joined Dr. Vlad in Haiti. 177,082 people have received medical care from Christian doctors who provided, not only a healing touch, but shared the good news of Christ and prayed for each patient. As a result 1749 people have accepted Jesus into their hearts.

So on April 1, 2013, because Gods people were seeking God's will, another change was taking place in the Baptist Men's mission in Haiti. NCBM were stepping to the side and Haitian Christians were beginning their own mission to minister to Haitian people.

And so as our stay here in Haiti is rapidly coming to a close, we are ever reminded that the

"Mission" never ends. Proclaiming the good news of the Gospel to the uttermost ends of the earth is a life time requirement and the clear answer to Saul's question in the life of every Christian.

Bondye Beni Ou,

Scott and Janet Daughtry

Titanyen, Haiti


Baptists On Mission


Haiti - Phase III

On January 12, 2010 Haiti was struck by a tremendous earthquake that caused extensive damage. NC Baptist Men Rescue 24 responded accordingly with a medical team as requested by a mission in Haiti. Since that initial team arrived, we have been sending teams to assist with the needs. From January 2010 until December 2011, the Lord worked through 1,200 construction and medical volunteers. Construction volunteers and Haitian construction staff built 803 temporary shelters and 46 permanent homes. Medical teams, staffed by volunteers and Haitian medical personnel, had over 115,000 patient visits at several mobile clinic sites. We are grateful for the 1,500 that accepted Christ during this time.

Click here to watch UTube video from Haiti. 


In "Phase III" of our work in Haiti, we would like to establish a Haitian-led Medical Ministry named Alpha/Omega NC Baptist Men. In order to do this, we are recruiting medical teams to provide primary care in an office setting and/or a mobile clinic setting. Teams can be made up of volunteers from one church, several local churches, an association, or individuals from across the state. Medical teams should have 2-6 participants, and will conduct primary care clinics in local churches, public buildings and various locations. Some opportunities may exist for medical specialties. Ideal team is 1 or 2 Primary Care Providers, 2 Nurses, 1 Pharmacist and 2 additional medical professionals or non-medical volunteers. But, we are flexible! If you have a specialty and would like to use it in Haiti, we will try to find a location for your work. Interpreters will work with each team.


Airfare + $735 for logistics which includes in-country ground transportation, lodging, meals, and accident insurance. Housing is in a compound that provides lodging, food, and security. A deposit of $500 is due 2 weeks after reservation to hold the week for the team. $500 is due from each registrant 90 days prior to departure. The full amount due 60 days prior to departure. The team deposit will be returned or distributed as directed by the team leader.


NC Baptist Men will arrange all air travel and logistics. Teams will be met at the airport by NCBM On-Site coordinators or delegate and transported to the base of operations, which is a house on the compound of Global Outreach. The compound is approximately 10 miles north of the airport. Volunteers will stay in bunk beds, with separate rooms for men and women. The house is equipped with bathroom and shower facilities. A full list of what to bring will be sent to the team leader.

Trip Dates

We are currently planning for teams from January - June 2013. Trips will be seven days in duration. Volunteers will depart US and arrive in Haiti on Sunday and will depart Haiti and arrive back in US the following Saturday.


Participants will need a passport for travel. Please make sure your passport has at least six (6) months validity remaining from the time of your departure from Haiti. If it has less, you will need to obtain a new passport. No visa is necessary for travel to Haiti. NC Baptist Men recommends that every overseas traveler be up to date on Tetanus, Hepatitus A, and Typhoid. Participants should check with their physician and/or with the Center for Disease Control concerning their recommendations on other immunizations or medicines for travel to Haiti. Age limit: 15-17 with parent. 18+ without.

For more information, contact Gaylon Moss at NC Baptist Men - 1-800-395-5102 x 5605; gmoss@ncbaptist.org