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Friday, November 28, 2014
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WMU (Woman's Missionary Union)

Red Box Ministry Thank You
On behalf of WMU NC, I want to thank the churches and WMU groups who donated items for the Red Box ministry this year. Your gifts make a difference! This ministry would not happen without your faithful contributions as we prepare over 2000 red boxes that go to the eligible women’s prisons in our state. Over and over I receive thank you notes from the facilities and the incarcerated women telling me how grateful they are for the red boxes. For many, it’s the only gift they will receive at Christmas. Others will say, “I love all the items in my red box but I especially needed the gloves.” Every item in the red box, including the
Scriptures, is greatly appreciated by the recipients. For your generosity, we thank you. This ministry continues to grow and this is one way we can share the love of Jesus “behind bars”. As Phil. 1:3 states, “I thank my God for you….”
Wishing you a blessed Christmas season and a joyous New Year!
Margaret Hardin, Adult Specialist, WMU NC
 I want to take a moment to thank God for the Union Baptist Association, it's Staff and Leadership, and the vision God has given the Association for the future. We have great opportunities ahead of us to reach lost souls, start new Church plants, and train future pastors. Also, God has blessed us with Dennis Burton, as our Director of Missions for 20 years. I have been blessed to know him personally for several years, and he has been a great friend, and adviser. May I say "Thank You" to the whole Staff, Council, and Committee  members, and many more, for allowing me to have a part in God's plan through the UBA.
  I wanted to write a word of encouragement to all of us. I was thinking of how the Summer season has passed, and Fall is slipping away, and Winter is rapidly approaching. Each season brings us a different way of life, as we can see that also in the life of vegetation, and the trees. We all love Spring time when we see new life growing into the trees and flowers, and the weather is pleasant to work in. Summers are very active with work and outdoor events, and we usually take vacations to get away from our labor for a while. We all love Fall when cooler weather returns, and God gets His crayons out and colors the tree leaves for some awesome views for us to enjoy. I love the cooler seasons to be able to enjoy the outdoors, and I tolerate the hot days. Thank you God for A/C!
  All of that may sound poetic in a way, but it's what God wanted me to say to bring me to this point. Winter is coming and it is a time when vegetation does go dormant and rest before new life returns in the Spring. It's also easy for us to become dormant in our own way, especially in the Winter months. However, we also have to do what's necessary to maintain until a new season comes. We all need rest and time to renew, just as the trees do. God maintains the trees, and He does us also. Don't let the dormant Winter months cause you to loose your desire to serve God. It's easy to loose your desire to do things when you have to wait through a season for warmer weather. But, we have to be ready to serve our awesome God, in season and out of season. We do need time to rest, but also use that time  to prepare ourselves for the next mission He gives us.
  Galations 6:9 tells us "And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart". (NKJV) "If we do not lose heart" is the key and what we need to remember. I find myself tired and needing rest, and at worst times, wanting to give up. I have to remind myself of this verse often. I hope no one reading this has lost heart. Whether you have or not, I want to encourage everyone to take time and ask God to help you renew a desire to serve Him. Renew you faith in Him and ask Him to give you opportunities to use the spiritual gift He gave you. 
  We were created to serve God. Eph. 2:8-9 are two of my life verses. I was led there recently in a devotion and it also included vs. 10. It spoke to me that day like no other. We were created in Christ Jesus, to do good works that He has prepared for us. (paraphrased). We claim our faith in Jesus, and James 2:14-26 also tells us that faith without works is dead. Gal. 2:20 says (paraphrased) "I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me, and in this this life of flesh, I live by faith in the Son of God, who gave His life for me. We must understand that as a Christian. Just being a seat warmer, or going to meeting, or having meetings just to be there, doesn't prove faith. I know we need time in God's Word, but if that doesn't help us produce works, then we need a faith checkup. Forgive me for preaching, but God said it and wrote it first, I am just reminding myself and others, how important it is to be involved in missions. 
  God, as His word says, has prepared many opportunities to serve Him, and many lie ahead of us. The UBA "logo and phrase", if you will, has a chain for a border, and the words, "Linked Together". The chain doesn't mean to keep us in Union Co., or anyone else out. The links unite us together to serve where ever He has planned for us to be.We all need to be prepared to work together for the same purpose, reaching lost people for Jesus. I can see that we have done a good job with that so far, but i just want to encourage us all to continue, and if someone needs encouraging, I hope these words have done so. 
  One great way God has given us to work together, is the completion of the Missions Resource Center, or the UBA Office, as you may also know it. Part of the work will be done by using our men and women,"Linked Together", to renovate part of the existing building, and completing the interior of the new building. Please take time and ask God to show you where you can help to be a part of something that will have eternal results. Anything we do in Jesus' name, whether it's construction, teaching, preaching, or making Salvation Baby Dolls, or just being able to place God's Word in someone's hand, can have an eternal effect on their souls. If you choose not to serve, you may be letting a soul miss Heaven forever. Please don't let that happen. Get linked together with your Church, the Association, WMU, or Baptist Men, and be a part of the work of our Lord, and change peoples lives forever.
Mark Hinson, UBA Baptist Men's Director
Sardis Baptist Church
3602 Unionville-Indian Trail Rd. West
Indian Trail NC 28079
Wednesday, Decenber 10, 2014
7:00 pm
Local Author Julie Kemp
"Faith Has its Reasons"
A Journey of Grief & Healing
Special Music by Sherry Potts
Julie will share her testimony.
For more information about Julie, click here.
Wow! Another year has passed so quickly! December is a busy month on our calendars… so many opportunities to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus and share His love with others. The beautiful old hymns as well as the newer contemporary Christmas songs stir my heart and soul to praise and make a joyful noise to the Lord. Participating in the many outreach ministries warms my heart as I consider each opportunity as giving a gift to my Lord Jesus. Christmas is a time of receiving and giving gifts to those we love, BUT more importantly to the many people who are hurting, hungry, homeless or hopeless. Lord, help me to give with a generous heart as I remember the precious gift You gave me that first Christmas morn.
Thank you for giving an offering to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, a shoe box to a child or postage for mailing, a bar of soap for the “Red Box”, an item for a hygiene kit, a toy or donation to the Donna Pittman Toy Store, an item to a food pantry or helping a needy family. May God bless the gift, the giver and the recipient!
The World Day of Prayer service at Piney Grove Missionary Baptist Church was a wonderful time of worship and uniting our hearts in prayer for our Baptist Sisters around the world. I want to say thank you to each person who participated in the service and the many "sisters and brothers" who attended. Our offering total was $519.81. The funds will be used to support projects within North America.
Thank you WMU ladies for the generous response to our Red Box item. Sorry, I did not count the number of bars of soap, but we exceeded the commitment of 250. I would estimate the count as 500 to 600 bars.
The "Hygiene Kit" collection date deadline was published as Friday, December 5th. IF POSSIBLE, PLEASE DELIVER TO THE UBA MRC BY THURSDAY, DECEMBER 4TH.   We would like to distribute the kits to the various ministries on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5TH.
On a personal note, I wish to express many thanks to Zana Fogarty for her leadership with Christian Women’s Job Corps (CWJC) for many years as Board Chairman. Her support, leadership, understanding, encouragement and compassionate heart for this ministry has touched many lives with the love of Jesus. Zana, may God bless you richly for giving so generously of your time, resources and Godly wisdom!!
Pat Haigler is our new CWJC Board Chairman. God has called another leader with equal qualities to serve beside our devoted Site Coordinator, Phyllis Slaymon. Thank you, Phyllis, for your faithful service. You have made a difference in the lives of many women who needed direction, guidance and resources to rise above their circumstances.   May God continue to bless these two women and this ministry for His glory!
As we approach the season for celebrating the birth of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and blessed New Year! It is a joy to serve with you through WMU of Union Baptist Association. Love and blessings!
Brenda Carter, UBA WMU Director
Calendar Talk 2014-2015
30-Dec 7 International Missions Emphasis
24-25     WMU NC Office Closed for Christmas Holidays
      1     WMU NC Office closed for New Year's Day
16-17     WMU NC Executive Board Meeting, Camp Mundo Vista
 9-15     WMU NC Heck-Jones Offering & Week of Prayer
 9-15     Focus on WMU
    14     Children's Ministry Day
 1-8       North American Missions Emphasis & Annie Armstrong
             Easter Offering
     3      WMU NC Office Closed for Easter
17-18    Missions Extravaganza, Ardmore Church,
            Winston Salem
15-16     WMU NC Executive Board, Camp Mundo Vista
     25     WMU NC Office closed for Memorial Day
 14-15    WMU Annual Meeting & Missions Celebration
              Columbus, OH
       4      WMU NC Office closed for Independence Day
 5-11       World Missions Week & Deep Impact, Fort Caswell
15-21      BWA Women's Leadership Conference,
               Durban, South Africa
22-26      21st Baptist World Alliance World Congress,
               Durban, South Africa
 6-8         CWJC/CMJC Site Coordinator Training
               Birmingham, Alabama
2015 Missions Conference
Ten Reasons for Adults on Mission
  1. Provides a way for men, women and couples to serve together to meet the needs of the unchurched.
  2. Encourages project-based, active learning opportunities for those typically not interested in a meeting format.
  3. Has a flexible team format that can be shaped around the interests of those involved rather than around a formal organizational structure.
  4. Creates a purpose-driven environment that helps Christians fulfill the outward focus of the Great Commission.
  5. Teaches adults the biblical reasons for reaching out to non-Christians down the street and around the world.
  6. Makes a personal connection from your church to individual missionaries your church supports through your state missions offering, the Cooperative Program, the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® for International Missions and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering® for North American missions.
  7. Helps the local church understand its role in the larger missions enterprise of national organizations, missions-sending agencies and God's global mission.
  8. Instills an evangelistic spirit through hands on ministry to those without Christ.
  9. Strengthens the concept of being the church outside the church walls to people who previously may not have understood the church's purpose that way.
  10. Increases giving to missions and praying for missions as a result of hands-on missions involvement, helping individual Christians to link their mind with their hearts through the work of their hands.
Debra Berry Associational Leader Tool:  2012-2013 WMU®2012
To learn more about Children's Mission Education, click here.
To learn more about Children in Action, click here.
To learn more about Girls in Action, click here.
Cleaning for a Reason
If you know any woman currently undergoing Chemo, please pass the word to her that there is a cleaning service that provides FREE housecleaning - 1 time per month for 4 months while she is in treatment.
All she has to do is sign up and have her doctor fax a note confirming the treatment. Cleaning for a Reason will have a participating maid service in her zip code area arrange for the service.
Please pass this information on to bless a woman going through cancer treatment. This organization serves the entire USA and currently has 547 partners to help these women. It's our job to pass the word and let them know that there are people out there that care. Be a blessing to someone and pass this information along.
Online Training
Great News!  Online Training Courses have been updated to coordinate with the New Guides.
You can access training for:
♦Mission Friends
♦Girls in Action
♦Children in Action
♦Royal Ambasadors
♦Youth on Mission
♦Women on Mission
♦Adults on Mission
♦Blending Women on Mission and Women's Ministry
Go to www.wmunc.org  and select Learning from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.  Online Training is one of the options and then you can register for and complete the course(s) of your choice.  Questions, contact
Woman's Missionary Union of North Carolina is a missions organization whose purpose is to challenge, prepare and equip Christian believers to be radically involved in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.
-taken from the Fall 2012 Tarheel Talk
Union Baptist Association
2014-2015 WMU Team Leaders
WMU Director           Brenda Carter, Hermon
WOM Consultant       Pat Haigler, Centerview
Acteen                      Stephanie Smith, Oak Grove
Girls in Action         
Mission Friends        Shirley Davis, Mt. Pleasant
Mary Blair Scholarship Team:
Niki Myers (2015)              Oak Grove
Brooke Garrison(2016)       Shiloh
Holly Casstevens (2017)     New Salem
Leadership Team:
Erin Helms(2015)      704-764-3788     Sandy Ridge
Carson Helms(2016)  704-764-7495     Sandy Ridge
Louise Counts(2017) 704-283-5381     Corinth
Area Directors:
Group 1      Rhonda Long, Austin Grove
Group 2      Ann Dora Rollins, Mountain Springs
Group 3      Elizabeth Starnes, Hopewell
Group 4      Ann Williams, Macedonia
Group 5      Teresa Rape, Mary Elizabeth
Group 6      Joyce Cox,
Group 7      Zana Fogarty, First Weddington
WMU NC partners with and supports many other Christian organizations and entities including:
The missions & ministries of WMU NC include...
  • Restorative Justice (prison) Ministry
  • Camp Angel Tree
  • NC Baptist Nursing Fellowship
  • Camp Mundo Vista
  • Minister's Spouses Support
  • Military Ministry
  • Multicultural Ministries
  • Missions Training and Mission Leader Training
  • NC Christian Women's Job Corps/Christian Men's Job Corps
  • Missions Partnerships
  • Missions Organization Start Up
  • Missions Organization Support - our staff and Resource Team are available to coach, train and encourage churches, leaders and individuals interested in doing missions through any of our organizations or blending our material with other activities or groups' materials.
  • Promotion of Missions Awareness - we promote missions awareness through our organizations, events, partnerships, publications and website as well as WMU curriculum and other materials; our staff, Resource Team and others also frequently speak at church, association and other events.
  • Missionary Start Up - a monetary gift is given to each NC native missionary entering into full-time service with the International Mission Board, North American Mission Board or Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Global Missions.
  • Short-term Missions Volunteers - financial assistance is provided, as funds allow, to those who feel called to serve Christ through short-term mission trips.
And much, much more!
In a few months we will begin a new Project HELP emphasis.  You will receive more details later but we need to begin thinking about how we can promote our new emphasis — Project HELP:  PTSD.
Project HELP:
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
What is PTSD?  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can occur after you have been through a traumatic event.  A traumatic event is something terrible and scary that you see, hear about or that happens to you, for example:
♦     Compat exposure
♦     Child sexual or physical abuse
♦     Terrorist attack
♦     Sexual or physical assault
♦     Serious accidents, like a car wreck
♦     Natural disasters, like a fire, tornado, hurricane, flood or
What are the symptoms of PTSD?  PTSD symptoms usually start soon after the traumatic event, but they may not appear until months or years later.  They also may come and go over many years.
♦     Reliving the event – You may have bad memories or
       nightmares.  You even may feel like you're going through
       the event again.  This is called a flashback.
♦     Avoiding situations that remind you of the event – You
       may try to avoid situations or people that trigger
       memories of the traumatic event.  You may even avoid
       talking or thinking about the event.
♦     Negative changes in beliefs and feelings — The way you
       think about yourself and others may change because of
       the trama.  You may feel fear, guilt or shame.  Or, you
       may not be interested in activities you used to enjoy.
       This is another way to avoid memories.
♦     Feeling keyed up — You may be jittery, or always alert
       and on the lookout for danger.  Or, you may have trouble
       concentrating or sleeping.
Can children have PTSD?  Children can have PTSD too.  They may have symptoms described above or other symptoms depending on how old they are.  As children get older, their symptoms are more like those of adults.  Here are some examples of PTSD symptoms in children:
♦     Birth to 6 may get upset if their parents are not close by,
      have trouble sleeping or suddenly have trouble with
      toilet training or going to the bathroom.
♦     Age 7 to 11 may act out the trauma through play,                   drawings or stories.  Some have nightmares or become
      more irritable or aggressive.  They may also want to
      avoid school or have trouble with schoolwork or friends.
♦     Age 12 to 18 have symptoms more similar to adults:
      depression, anxiety, withdrawal or reckless behavior like
      substance abuse or running away.
Women and PTSD
More than half of all women will experience at least one traumatic event in their life.  Women are more likely to be neglected or abused in childhood, to experience domestic
violence or to have a loved one suddenly die.
♦     Women are more likely to be jumpy, to have more 
       trouble feeling emotions and to avoid things that remind 
       them of the trauma than men.  Men are more likely to              feel angry and to have trouble controlling their anger
       than women.
♦     Women with PTSD are more likely to feel depressed and
       anxious, while men with PTSD are more likely to have
       problems with alcohol or drugs.
♦     Both women and men who experience PTSD may develop
       physical health problems.
(Information from National Center for PTSD website:
Be One in a Million
Join other women in efforts to pray down the production and use of pornography among men (and women) in our communities and churches.  Perhaps you recognize pornography as one of the issues of Project HELP:  Human Exploitation.  In this fourth year of addressing human exploitation, we can pray for those who need to be free of this addiction and help them find the spiritual disciplines to overcome.  WMU® is sponsoring the One Million Women Praying movement.  You can participate by signing your name on the prayer wall at Join1MillionMen.org.
We believe that Jesus Christ, Son of God, gave His life a sacrifice for the salvation of all people of the world, fulfilling God's plan for the ages as revealed in the Bible, God's Holy Word.
We embrace the strategic role of prayer and giving for missionaries and missions needs.
We recognize the role of family in discipleship and missions development.
We recognize the giftedness of women and girls and accept the responsibility to help them use their gifts in serving Christ.
We accept the responsibility for nuturing preschoolers, children, youth and adults in missions.
We accept the responsibility for developing and equipping missions leaders.
We accept the biblical mandate to respond to human need with actions modeled by Jesus Christ and with the message of God's redemptive plan.
We partner with other Great Commission Christians to lead a lost world to Christ.
We uphold the foundational principles of the priesthood of every believer and the autonomy and uniqueness of each local church in carrying out the Great Commission.
Learn About Missions
Pray for Missions
Support Missions
Engage in Mission Action and Witnessing
Develop Spiritually Toward a Missions Lifestyle
Participate in the Work of the Church and Denomination
Develop and strengthen WMU in all congregations
Nuture a missions environment in the churches and association
Equip churches to provide missions
awareness and involvement
Provide and participate in associational
mission activities and projects
The websites of WMU NC and national WMU have helpful information for leaders and members of WMU.
Specific Information for North Carolina
  • Calendar of events
  • Registration form and information on upcoming events
    • Poverty simulation
    • Habitat for Humanity Women Build
    • Training Events
    • Missions Extravaganza
  • Summer Camp at Camp Mundo Vista
    • Registration forms
    • Health forms
    • Instructions for parents
    • Directions to camp
  • Online order forms
    • Lottie Moon Christmas Offering materials
    • Annie Armstrong Easter Offering materials
    • Heck-Jones Offering materials
    • Free Materials
  • Member's Connection
    • Intended to connect members through prayer, mentoring, encouragement, idea sharing and partnerships
    • Prayer requests, question and answer forums
    • Opportunity banks for mission projects and events
Provides Information Specifically Related to National WMU
  • Missions leader resource information
    • WMU logos, age-level logos, clip art
    • Bulletin board ideas
    • Ideas for celebrating WMU history in your church
  • Free downloads
    • Dramas and monologues
    • White Bible ceremonies
    • WMU Promotional videos
  • WMU News
  • National leadership training opportunities
  • Volunteer connection
    • MissionsFEST
    • FamilyFEST
WMU Age-level Organizations Websites
Other Helpful Websites
Want to be a Better Leader?
Consider the Christian Women in Leadership Certification that is a joint partnership with WMU North Carolina and Campbell University Divinity School.  This certification is designed for women leaders in churches to discover their God-given gifts and use those gifts in His service.  Students in degree programs at the divinity school are also participating.
The following is a testimony from a current participant who is a WMU leader in her church:
"Thank you for organizing this opportunity for me to participate in the Christian Women in Leadership Certification.  I am enjoying the classes and learning so much.  Everything I am learning I am able to use everyday in the ministries I am involved in as well as in my daytime job.  I can't wait to see where God will lead me once I complete the certification."
Contact info@wmunc.org for information about the certification program or Kelly Jorgenson at jorgensonk@campbell.edu for information about the schedule of classes.
Professional Women's Leadership Network
The focus of this unique venture is on helping women who may or may not already be involved in WMU to discover their God-given gifts and use them in missions and ministry.
This group includes professional women such as attorneys/judges, physicans, professors/deans, corporate executives, etc. - in other words, Christian women who are very busy, but want to discover how they can use their gifts and skills in missions and ministry.  A group of these women is in place to make plans for future events, missions projects and networking.
If your profession places you in one of the categories mentioned above, please send your name and contact information to the WMU office at info@wmunc.org and you will begin receiving updates and information.
Be watching this website and Tarheel Talk for upcoming events such as luncheons and brunches with a hands-on mission project included in the day.  If you are not on the Tarheel Talk mailing list, please click here to fill out the form to request to be added, and, you may also download a flyer.

Operation Christmas Child

Announcing…Operation Christmas Child’s WMU & Baptist Men’s Day

Come help us make a difference in the lives of children around the world!

When? November 21 - December 14, 2014

Where? Charlotte Processing Center

How can I reserve my spot? You should call Operation Christmas Child directly to volunteer. Be sure to call early, as spaces are limited to a first come, first served basis! The first day to schedule volunteering for Operation Christmas Child is August 5, so call on or close to that date to get on the schedule.

Operation Christmas Child