Operation Inasmuch

Operation Inasmuch will be observed again on April 28 & May 5, 2018.

Please be making plans for your church to participate in Operation Inasmuch Saturday, April 28th or Saturday, May 5th. This is a day in which as many church members as possible go outside the walls of the church to help members of the community with needed projects. If churches are going to reach their communities for the Lord they must go outside the church walls and meet the people where they are. 

There will be a meeting of interested people that will be conducted by the Originator or Executive Director of Operation Inasmuch for all of Region 6 especially for churches who want to participate in Operation Inasmuch. This will be a training meeting involving recruitment of church members and the giving of many project ideas. One of our newest churches, Invitation Church, with very few members at the time participated in a “ Laundry of love” Inasmuch project and won a young man to the Lord and has been doing similar projects ever since and is growing because it reaches out to the community. 

This meeting will be conducted at our Mission Resources Center on

Saturday, February 17 from 9am until 12pm.


What is Operation Inasmuch?

Operation Inasmuch is a national nonprofit that employs proven models to motivate, train, and equip churches to move more congregants out of the sanctuary seats and into the streets to serve the neediest in their communities. Watch the video at right for a quick overview. Order a free DVD of this video here.

Operation Inasmuch is also a movement of churches across America, a Compassion Revolution. Over 2,000 churches in 22 states have joined the Revolution.  405 of these churches reported that they collectively sent out more than 22,000 volunteers in 2011 to minister to 116,000 people in their communities, representing $3M in labor hours and material costs. Lives within and without these churches changed!

These churches joined the Compassion Revolution. You can too!  Contact us to learn how you can mobilize a majority of your congregation to serve the neediest in your community with compassion.

Watch videos or read stories of how compassion has changed lives and churches!

Operation Inasmuch has armed churches of all denominations and sizes — from 5 to 5,000 — to advance the Compassion Revolution in three stages:

  • Inasmuch Day – we deliver training and tools for churches to send a large number of their congregants out to serve those in need through a single day of projects.
  • Inasmuch United – we encourage and equip a group of churches to work together and serve their communities on a single day.
  • Inasmuch Life – we provide the strategy and training for churches to mobilize many volunteers to serve their neighbors in need on an ongoing basis: through a lifestyle of compassion. Three churches are currently piloting this program.

Jesus said in essence, “Inasmuch as you serve the least of these, you serve me.”

Throughout the Bible, God shows His compassion for the sick, the poor, the hungry, orphans, prisoners, and immigrants, in short, anyone in need.

Jesus was the Great Samaritan who laid down His life to rescue us, his neighbors in deep spiritual need. And He commands the church to follow His example.

Read the benefits of joining the Compassion Revolution.




Henry Funderburk, henry@unionbaptist.com, 704-283-8383

Gaylon Moss, gmoss@ncbaptist.org, 800-395-5102 ext. 5605


Instructions for registering your church on the OIAM website 

Open web browser.

Go to www.baptistsonmission.org.

Click Mission Projects.

Click North Carolina.

Scroll down to Operation Inasmuch.

Click on Learn More.

Scroll down to blue “Sign Up’ block.

Click on blue “Sign Up” block.

Fill in blanks.

            Church Name

            Church Address

            Church City

            Church State

            Church Zip Code

            Church County

            Church Phone

            Coordinator First Name

            Coordinator Last Name

            Coordinator Email

            Coordinator Phone

            Tentative Date of Participation

                        April 28

                        May  5

            Do you plan on building one or more ramps for 2018?  Yes or No.


Click on Submit.