Bivocational Small Church Ministries Coordinator

Bivocational Small Church Ministries Coordinator

Rev. Roy Helms


“Stirred, but not Shaken!”


As I listen to people talk, I am aware that many are being stirred and even shaken up about what is happening in our world today.  Crime, violence, graft, greed, corruption, infidelity, and we could go on and on with our listing, but I think you get the picture – many, many people are living unsettled, even fearful lives. 

What is the answer for this?   Psalm 16:8 says:  I have set the LORD continually before me; Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken. (NASB)  What does the psalmist mean when he says that? It means he has chosen to relate everything he encounters in his life to his trust in God and he will not allow anything in life to shake him because of his trust in God.

Now, let’s make this verse personal to you. Read the words as though you wrote them. Commit to always setting the Lord before you in everything you face in your life. Make the Lord and your trust in the Lord the focus of your life. Why is this important?  It is important for the following reasons:  (1) If your focus is always on your problems, then you are allowing your problems to determine the direction your life is going and to dictate many of the paths you follow and the decisions you make. (2) If your focus is always on people, you are     allowing people to influence you and determine what you think and do. What you focus on becomes the dominant influence in your life. 

Here’s where we get back to what the psalmist is saying to us. You see, in biblical times, sitting or standing at the right hand of one in leadership was the most honored position. It was reserved for one's most trusted advisor (counselor), most dependable friend (defender), and most faithful supporter (advocate). When you choose to focus on Christ (setting Him on your right hand in the position of honor and always before you), you invite Him to take the most important position in your life as your Counselor, Defender, and Advocate. 

When problems come your way, turn to Christ for His interpretation, strength, and direction. Don’t allow your problems to determine your direction in life. When people try to influence you wrongly or they insult you or mistreat you, turn to Christ and let Him advise you in making the right responses. Know that anytime you face a crisis or have a need, you can receive strength and provision from the One at your right hand, and you can say with the psalmist,  . . . Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken. 

Yes, there are things all around us today that are stirring people up and even causing fear, but if Christ is in the position of honor in your life at your right hand, you have One who is your Counselor, Defender, and Advocate. He’s got your back and has everything under control, no matter how out of control things may look! 

We all get stirred from time to time, but remember, in Christ, we are stirred but not shaken. 

Working Together in His Service, 

Roy   Pr. 3:5-6