Director of Missions

I Know Why Young Men Fight Our Wars 

As I grow older, I have come to the hard realization that physically I can’t do what I once did as a young man. This was driven home on a backpacking trip I went on with my sons. We hiked on a section of the Appalachian Trail for several days. My pack weighed almost 40 pounds because it was winter and we needed to carry more gear. Our trek across those glorious mountains was amazing except for the fact that I was always in the rear trying to keep up with my boys. They were like gazelles moving effortlessly up those steep climbs. They seemed to never lose their breath and were almost on the verge of running with their heavy packs. I plodded along faithfully behind yelling up to them instructions and directions. A standing order I gave them was to stop at all trail junctions and wait for me so that they wouldn’t go off in the wrong direction. I had trained them to pitch a tent, build a fire, find the proper route, survive single digit temperatures, snow, wind, and pouring rain. I had taught them how to survive in the harshest of conditions.

Back in my younger days, I could have kept up with my sons, but age has slowed my pace and taught me that I lead best from the rear rather that from the front. Because I’m in the rear my instructions must be clear and understood. Those moments when we rally up and discuss our next move are important to our success and arriving at our destination each night. My leadership won’t always be from the front because I realize younger men will rise up and take the lead with my help.

There is a spiritual battle that looms ever before us as Christians. The powers and principalities that are in enthroned in high places are hard at work mobilizing their forces to wreak havoc upon the earth.  Their destructive powers are seen in many ways. The mayhem they cause stretches into governments, families, churches, relationships, and a host of other areas in our lives. We need to train the next generation for the spiritual warfare that they will face. We who have walked for many years with the Lord need to pass on the essentials to the next generation of leaders. Our collective knowledge gleaned over the years of walking with Christ must be imparted through discipling the next generation. To fail in this area is to leave the Church in a lurch, weakened, and hobbled. We who possess the banner of grey hair are responsible to the next generation to bless them and lead them to be leaders themselves. Young men fight our wars because they have the energy, stamina, power, and passion when the moments that define us arrive. Let those who have seen many days stand with them and alongside them as they advance the Kingdom of God into all the earth. 

Serving the King Together,