WMU Monthly News from Betsy Ross



It’s not just a project; it’s a way of life.


When is YOUR Independence Day? This time of year we look at The United States of America as a symbol of freedom. It was not an easy start for our country. There were many struggles and many lives were lost during the Revolutionary War. Our own lives have struggles as well, especially our spiritual life. Our natural personal freedom is only perception. The reality of the matter is that we have a false sense of freedom. We're actually slaves. 


Romans 3:23 explains that each of us are sinners that fall short of the holiness of God. We're naturally enemies of God's (Ephesians 2:1-3); and slaves of the power of sin. Jesus Christ died for us and his grace now rules. But, it's our responsibility to offer Him our lives. Romans 6:15-18 explains that once our

personal shackles to sin have been unlocked, we must stop living for the world. We're no longer to live as slaves to sin, but as slaves of Jesus Christ.


Those are our two options. You are either a slave for Christ, or a slave of sin. If you're for Jesus, then step away from sin and

enjoy your freedom to do right. This becomes YOUR personal Independence Day. 

In His Service,

Betsy Ross, WMU Director