WMU Monthly News from Betsy Ross


Missions: It’s not just a project; it’s a way of life.


Summer is just around the corner. Here comes the biggest outreach opportunity of the year for most churches. Are we excited? Are we doing everything we can to support reaching hearts and souls with the Gospel?

Vacation Bible School is an awesome way to move outside the walls of your church and reach out to your community. Maybe your church calls it something else…summer camp, sports camp, art camp…it’s still a chance to share the Gospel with the community. 

Here’s our opportunity to reach out to kids with the life changing message of Jesus. VBS brings out kids and families who might otherwise never darken the doors of your church, because many kids whose parents would say ‘no’ to church, say ‘yes’ to VBS! VBS shows parents that you really care about their kids. The impression they have of our church will probably be in direct proportion to the way we treat them and their kids. The truth is that if parents know that we love their children, we’ve just built a connection and potentially opened their heart’s door to the Gospel. 

No, VBS is not just a children’s department thing…it’s a church thing! To be successful every member from the pastor down should be supporting VBS. How are you being called to be involved? Praying, food, activities, crafts, financial support, teaching, decorating, music…there’s a place for everyone, no matter your age or ability. The kids love it and we get to join in the fun. 

So get ready…the adventure is almost here! Let’s all work together and make this the best VBS year ever!


In His Service,

Betsy Ross, WMU Director