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Missions: It’s not just a project; it’s a way of life.

 September brings a new church year for a lot of us. That means children and youth moving up in grade level programs, new leaders or leaders in new positions and maybe a little uncertainty about how to approach those new responsibilities. For WMU leaders, new or experienced there are lots of resources available. 

The National WMU website www.wmu.com

Curriculum and resources for age level and adult programs

Online training courses for leadership positions


WMU Store


Mission Studies

Videos on programs, emphasis and missionaries


“We believe missions is a lifestyle; therefore, we provide missions education resources for all age-levels—from preschoolers to senior adults. Whatever your age or stage in life, we have missions resources for you. Through missions, others may hear of Jesus, the giver of eternal life.” 

The NC WMU website www.wmunc.org


Calendar of missions, ministries and events in NC

Camps and retreat facilities 

“WMUNC wants to be the catalyst to share resources, promote events, and provide encouragement to help equip you to live in your mission field.  We want to be there for you – you can make a difference!” 

Union Baptist Association website www.unionbaptist.com

Calendar of local events

Contact information for Association WMU Leaders

Monthly newsletter 

How can we help you and the women’s group at your church spread the Good News of Jesus Christ? 

In His Service,

Betsy Ross, WMU Director