WMU Monthly News from Betsy Ross


Unshakable Pursuit – “My dear friends, stand firm and don’t be shaken.  Always keep busy working for the Lord.  You know that everything you do for him is worthwhile”       (1 Cor. 15:58 CEV)


WMU makes disciples of Jesus who live on mission!


 Last month we considered the “WHY” for WMU.  This month we consider “HOW” this mission organization makes disciples of Jesus who live on mission.



Helps people of all ages learn about missions. Through women/adult or age-level groups, people learn what missionaries are doing and ways to support them and how to serve with missionaries or do

missions right where they are.

Helps lead people to pray for missions.  Prayer involves talking to God about mission work, missionaries and people who need to know about Jesus.  There are opportunities to participate in special days and weeks of prayer as well as praying daily for missionaries on their birthdays.

Advocates giving to support missions.  WMU actively promotes two national mission offerings each year, Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for our North American missionaries and Lottie Moon Christmas

Offering for our International missionaries. There are many other opportunities to give financially to mission work through the local church.

Creates opportunities for people to engage in mission action and witnessing. Through Children’s Mission Day, children can venture outside the walls of the church to reach their communities for Christ.

Women and men can volunteer their time as mentors for CWJC/CMJC.  Each church can offer various ministries for mission action and witnessing to the community and world.

Encourages people to participate in the work of the church and denomination. Giving through the Cooperative Program supports missions and ministries of the local church, state convention and Southern Baptist Convention.

ALL these things work together to make disciples of Jesus who live on mission.


Participating in a mission group, adult or children, is an opportunity to grow closer to God, obey His command to love and serve others and join Him in His work around the world! 




Nov.4th-Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer, 7 pm Shiloh Baptist Church.  This worship and prayer meeting is for ALL women of the church, NOT JUST women who participate in a monthly missions meeting.

Dec. 1-8th - Week of Prayer for International Missions and

                    Lottie Moon Christmas Offering


NOTE:  Hygiene Kit project being rescheduled for February.


All for HIM!

Brenda Carter, UBA WMU Director, 704-843-2719






WMU Director  -  Brenda Carter (Hermon)  

WMU Director Assistant  -  Debbie Grant (Mt. Pleasant) 

Women on Mission/Adults on Mission  -  Evelyn Deese (Sandy Ridge) 

Acteens/Youth on Mission  -  Stephanie Smith (Oak Grove) 

Girls in Action/Children in Action  -  Pam Mayhew (Shiloh)