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Dear Friends,

Many ask what can you do for Camp Duncan. Presently, we are in desperate need of 26 mattresses for our cots in campsite.  These mattresses are specially designed for the cots we use at camp. Each mattress cost about $100.00 each. If you, your Sunday School class or Bible Study group can buy one mattress, we would be grateful. Make the check out to Paul Daley or Brad Gearhart. In the memo line please write for Camp Duncan cot mattress. Please send to Camp Duncan PO Box 1462, Aberdeen, NC 28315.


Adopt-a-Highway Program

There are 59 Adopt-a-Highway coordinators statewide who   oversee the program in their local areas. The local coordinator works with groups to adopt available sections of state-maintained highway. Each adopted section of highway is approximately two miles long. Volunteer groups sign contracts with NCDOT agreeing to remove litter from their adopted stretch a minimum of four times each year (once every three months). Heavily-traveled roads may require additional pickups. 

NCDOT posts signs at each end of the adopted section with a group’s name to show its participation in the program. NCDOT also provides safety training, safety vests and trash bags. In addition, NCDOT removes the trash-filled orange bags from roadsides following a pickup. Initially the adopted highway is contracted for four years. A group may keep its adopted section of highway indefinitely if the contract is renewed at the end of each four year period and the required number of pickups is done. 

NCDOT strongly encourages Adopt-a-Highway volunteers to recycle trash collected during cleanups and  provides blue litter bags for recyclable items. Groups can obtain information about how, what and where to  recycle from their local coordinators. Aluminum cans, by state law, may not be put into landfills and      therefore should be recycled. After a pickup, volunteers deposit all recyclable items at a recycling station. Any money obtained for the recycled materials can be used by the group. 

How to Adopt! 

Call 1-800-331-5864 for more information about adopting a highway or submit an application online from our web site, www.ncdot.org/programs/AAH/. When calling, you will be given the name and telephone number of the local coordinator for your county. Your local coordinator will get you started in the program. 

The Adopt-a-Highway program is instrumental in fighting the increasing litter problem in our state. Adopt-a-highway volunteers save taxpayers approximately $4 million annually in roadside cleanup costs. North     Carolina has one of the largest anti-litter programs in the nation with 6,000 participating groups and 120,000 volunteers statewide. These volunteers have adopted 12,000 miles of state-maintained roadsides.



Dolls On Mission has moved their facility to 1617 W. Roosevelt Blvd. Monroe.  If you would like to help with the making of these dolls for ministry purposes, please contact Joanne Mucci, 704-283-6784 or Ann Dora Rollins, 704-764-3719.  The monthly meeting is the 2nd Saturday of each month, 9:30-12:30, lunch is provided.  Parking is  located in the back lot.

Remember we always have cards & dolls for those battling cancer or illness.  You can make a difference in their battle.  Call anytime.

Come be a part of this ministry reaching the world with the love of Jesus.  If you can help, please see address and information above.   Any age can help.

Humbly in His Service,

Mrs. Joanne Mucci




















Appalachian Regional Ministry

Phone:  606-316-4298

Email:  arm@arministry.org, arm@namb.net

Contact www.arministry.org for more details.


Belarussian Relief Organization (ABRO)

Missions – I want to go, but how?

Matthew 28:19 – Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…

Would you like your whole family to experience serving God in the mission field? I have often wanted my family to go on a mission trip, but was unable to find a way for this to happen. There are so many factors to consider when you are raising a family, schedules, school, work, sports, and finances and so on.  But with all of this, God can, and if you allow Him to, always finds a way. For our family God does this by bringing the mission field to us. By way of the American Belarussian Relief Organization (ABRO), we host a child, sometimes more than one child, in our home for six weeks each summer.

About ABRO

Romans 8:28 … and we know that for those who love God all things work together for good…

All things work for the good toward the glory of God, even a nuclear accident can be used by God. On April 26th, 1986 the worst nuclear accident in world history happened. A nuclear plant in Chernobyl had a melt down and then caught fire. The radiation from this accident rose into the air and drifted north over the country of Belarus. 70% of the radiation from this accident fell on the Mogilov region of the Belarus. In 1991, out of the ashes of this tragedy, God began a ministry called the American Belarussian Relief Organization (ABRO).

About Belarus

 According to statistics, Belarus is predominantly a Christian country, yet according to Mission Network News, only about 1.3% of the population is Evangelical Christian. Alcoholism and corruption are wide spread throughout the country. There are an estimated 32,000 orphans in Belarus. Belarus is ranked 4th in the world for homicides and the suicide rate is also high.

About the Ministry

This ministry is unique for several reasons. First, in Belarus, you cannot openly evangelize about Jesus Christ, all church activities must be government approved. ABRO is a relief organization so it is already government approved. Second, ABRO is a mission field that helps the physical needs of the children who would otherwise live their entire lives in an area full of unseen radiation. Third, ABRO brings the mission field to you, instead of you going to the mission field. Host families volunteer to bring these children into their homes for six weeks each summer and you get to show them the life of Christ lived out in your home and family. That means a family of two, four, even eight or more can do an overseas mission and never leave their house. You don’t have to raise money for a whole family to go on missions, you only have raise enough to bring one child, or more if you want, to your home. God brings the mission field to you for six weeks. You can live the life of Christ as you normally do and the children invited to host families develop a relationship with you, your family and most importantly a relationship with Christ that they can take back to Belarus. They can take Christ back to Belarus and the children from ABRO can begin to live the life of Christ out in a country that doesn’t want Him there.

Here is the Challenge.

Matthew 25:35 …I was a stranger and you invited me in…

Will you allow God to use you and your entire family to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to a country that is in desperate need of Him? All you have to do is open your door. 

For more information, or to have someone come speak to your church or small group, contact;

Les Ruholl, ABRO Coordinator, Euto Baptist Church, 6019 Hwy 205, Marshville, NC 28103

Church office – (704)385-8117 or my personal cell number (980)328-3157



The partnership of North Carolina Baptist Men and Women still continues, and is in need of help to feed and clothe the gypsy children in Munkacs, Ukraine. Winter there is very difficult for these outcast people.

If your church is looking for a wonderful missions program, and would like to hear more of the work of Baptist Men in Munkacs, Ukraine, please call Harry and Vivian Poovey at (704)289-1144 or e-mail at HVPoov@aol.com.




The purpose of Red Springs Mission Camp is to get churches involved in missions.  By providing affordable short term options, your church or youth group can experience missions without the cost and time involved in an out-of-state mission trip.  You will be helping people who are in need in their own state.


Our facilty can house up to 200 volunteers per day and the ministry opportunities are endless.  Our tool room and warehouse are fully equipped with all the supplies you will need for a construction or non-construction project.

Ministries offered through Red Springs Mission Camp are:  Construction, Handyman Projects, Children's Ministry, Women's Ministry, Sports Camps, VBS, Yard Work for the Elderly, Painting, Disaster Relief Work (following a disaster), Community Distribution (August), Community Thanksgiving Dinner (November), Community Toy Distribution (December)


Here are some things to know before you go:

  • Cost is $21 per person per night. This includes lodging, meals while you are here, and supplemental insurance.
  • Volunteers must be 13 years old and up.  Youth groups must have 1 adult per 4 youth.
  • Work days are Monday-Saturday.  No Saturday evening meal and the camp is closed on Sunday.
  • RV sites are available on request.
  • Registration Forms for your group can be found on www.ncmissions.org.  
  • We will contact you one week prior to your trip to verify date, number in team, arrival time, and any special skills of the team.


Labor needs:  Volunteers with a servant's heart; roofers; carpenters; electricians; painters; cooking teams; children's workers; cleaning teams; couples to work in warehouse.

Material needs:  Building supplies, cleaning supplies; non-perishable food; furniture; appliances; toiletry items.


The camp is located at 114 Industrial Road, Red Springs, NC on the corner of Hwy. 211 and Industrial Road.

Mission Camp Coordinators

Larry & Teresa Osborne; Assistant Coordinator - Wendell Hunt

910-843-7770 Office     919-264-4397 Cell

Email:  losborne@ncbaptist.org

Check us out on FACEBOOK!






The goal of NCBM's Shelby Mission Camp is to involve churches (men, women and youth) in missions.  We will work with youth, seniors, all ladies, all men or mixed groups.  We would consider it a privilege to host you and your church group at the  Shelby Mission Camp.  As we serve together, using our God given skills, God will open doors for many spiritual needs to be met.


Shelby Missions Camp currently has two new metal buildings on 12 acres of land with another 30 acres for future development plans.  The administration building house, feed and sleep 200 mission volunteers per day. The warehouse will be used to store building materials and tools.


  • Daily $21 per person fee covers lodging, 3 meals, and supplemental volunteer insurance.
  • Work days are Monday-Saturday.
  • No supper is provided on Saturday night and the camp is closed on Sundays.
  • RV sites are available by reservation only.
  • Teams need to bring their own tools (some tools can be provided), towels, wash cloths, toiletries and bedding (don't forget your pillow).
  • RV sites are available by reservation only.
  • Participants must be 13 years or older.
  • Youth groups must have a 1:4 ratio of adult to youth and at least 2 skilled construction workers for every 10 youth.
  • Registration forms for your group can be found on www.ncmissions.org.
  • Call or email one week prior to your mission trip to verify date, number in team, team skills, and arrival time.


Current Needs:  Construction is a big part of what we do as we help hurting people. We need skilled help with roofing, plumbing, HVAC and electrical.  Help is also needced for building wheelchair ramps, floor replacement, painting or yard work.  Whatevber your skill we have a place for you.

For those that prefer other ministry opportunities, Bible schools, sports camps, senior adult ministry of various kinds, the potato project, Books on Mission, and working with other helping ministries in our communities are also needs.


GPS will not find our location at 302 Sharpton Drive in Shelby, NC; however, you can use 1327 S. Lafayette Street, Shelby, NC 28152, which is located directly across the street.  We do have a street sign for Sharpton Drive, which is off Hwy. 18 (Lafayette Street).  Our sign, Baptists on Mission - NCBM, is at the entrance of Sharpton Drive and we are at the end of the street.


David and Janet Brown, 704-487-5599

Email:  dbrown@ncbaptist.org



For more information, you can visit www.ncbaptistsonmission.org.

Mission Opportunity: Charlotte Christian College and Theological Library (formerly New Life Theological Seminary) seeks reference books to add to the library. Books should be scholarly and deal with subjects of Theology, OT, NT, Greek, Hebrew, Urban Studies, Pastoral Studies, etc. This is a great time for ministers to cull their libraries. The college/seminary is a 501(c)3 and donations are tax deductible. Donors may call librarian Robert McInnes @ 704-334-6882.