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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Mission Trip Opportunities 2013
Guatemala is a wonderful place for missions.  The need is so great and there is so much to do.  UBA has already done four mission trips to Guatemala City for ministry and construction.  The next trip is still in the planning stage.  It is expected to be in October, depending on the needs of the mission organization.  The mission organization, Hearts for Heaven, has feeding stations which feed hundreds of children every week, does food distribution, disaster relief, and prepares Bible School materials for churches all over Guatemala.  The mission house is the home of the missionary and is very comfortable.  The cost of the trip will be $1,400, more or less, depending on the cost of air travel.  This price will include air travel, lodging, food, insurance and other miscellaneous expenses.  You may need a little cash for souvenirs, entertainment, and gratuities.  We are limited to eight participants.  In the past, we have had some churches to form the whole team.  If you would like to make this a church-wide project for your church, please reserve positions soon.
South Africa
This two week trip is under consideration.  We are surveying to see if there is enough interest before moving on with the planning.  This will be for pastors only.  It would involve pairing with seminary students and going out to tribal churches to preach on two consecutive Sundays.  The week between will be spent at Cape Town Baptist Seminary teaching and consulting with students.  Although more definite plans will be made before enrollment, it is hoped that the last few days will involve touring and seeing some of the most beautiful country and sea between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.  There will be up to five participants.
Operation Inasmuch-OIAM is a one-day missions blitz in your community.  The goal is to have projects in all of North Carolina's 100 counties.  Think of people in your community who need Christians to touch their lives in the name of Jesus Christ.  On these two days, hundreds of churches and thousands of volunteers will share the love of Jesus with those who have never heard the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The next statewide OIAM dates are April 26 and May 3, 2014.  Contact Gaylon Moss at gmoss@ncbaptist.org
Mission Camps-Our Red Springs Mission Camp and Shelby Mission Camp are up and operating.  Volunteers are needed.  Mission Camps allow your church to participate in life-changing mission projects at a very affordable price.  Contact mmountz@ncbaptist.org
Baptist Builders-Many construction opportunities exist year round from handyman ministry to disaster rebuild.  Check ncmissions.org or contact the NCBM office for current opportunities.  Some upcoming projects include:  new home construction in Franklin County, a new Chapel at Pender Correctional Center, and disaster rebuild in Pamlico County.  Contact gmoss@ncbaptist.org
Applachian Coalfields Ministry Projects-Ministers both physically and spiritually to people in some of the poorest areas of our nation, covering the states of Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, West Virginia and North Carolina.  Projects may include week-long service in sports, children, evangelism, music, and/or construction ministry.  Opportunities may also include the collection, delivery, and distribution of needed items such as food, school supplies, baby care items, clothing, and other, which can be done in the course of a few days or over a weekend.  Contact mabernathy@ncbaptist.org
Deep Impact National Projects-Contact Tom Beam concerning State and National Student Projects through "Deep Impact".  Contact tbeam@ncbaptist.org
Transform122 National Projects-Contact Tom Beam concerning State and National Collegiate Projects through Transform122.  Contact tbeam@ncbaptist.org
Vermont-Teams are needed to do VBS, choir tours, sports camp, drama outreach, prayer walks, and a variety of construction projects.  Vermont is the most unchurched state in our nation.  We need teams!  Contact mabernathy@ncbaptist.org
Pennsylvania-Project requests come from a variety of settings:  small towns, rural "Amish" country, and urban Pittsburgh.  A variety of projects have been requested from construction to evangelistic outreach, to music and drama.  Contact mabernathy@ncbaptist.org
Rocky Mountain Work & Witness-NC volunteers will have opportunity to help in the construction of a new church building.  We are also planning to aid once again at the Mountaintop Baptist Assembly in Casper, WY and at the Inlow Youth Camp in New Mexico.  Cook and maintenance teams are needed and teams for other individual projects as well.  Contact mabernathy@ncbaptist.org
Hawaii Work & Witness-NC Baptist Men will continue to send volunteers to the Puu Kahea Baptist Conference Center and to assist the Hawaii-Pacific Baptist Convention in facilities upkeep and other special projects.  Contact mabernathy@ncbaptist.org
Deep Impact International Projects-International Youth Projects are available through "Deep Impact".  There will be a Deep Impat camp in Honduras.  Contact tbeam@ncbaptist.org
Transform122 International Projects-Contact Tom Beam concerning State and National Collegiate Projects through Transform122.  Contact tbeam@ncbaptist.org
Ukraine Gypsy Partnership-NC Baptist Men are partnering with Hungarian Baptist Aid to minister to gypsy people.  Medical teams are needed and providing a great ministry to the gypsies.  VBS is always popular with children and adults in the camps and villages because of the number of children.  Contact jburchette@ncbaptist.org
Haiti-Medical teams are needed in Haiti.  Contact gmoss@ncbaptist.org
Honduras-Our work in Honduras continues because there are still many needs in that country.  Teams participate in construction (homes for the needy and a S.S. classroom), evangelism, medical, or some combination of the above.  Contact mabernathy@ncbaptist.org
India-A great opportunity for NC Baptists exists in Bihar, the poorest state in India.  In a place that is only 0.5% Christian, God is at work.  A local Christian pastor has begun a training school for church planters, an orphanage for at-risk children, and a sewing school for women.  Churches, Sunday School classes, or individuals can adopt a village for $2800.  This will provide a well, a literacy school, a medical clinic, Bibles, and regular visits by a church planter in an effort to establish a Church.  Contact kmorgan@ncbaptist.org
Cuba-Teams in 2013 will work to finish the construction of the Cuban Baptist Home for the Elderly in Santiago.  Teams will have the opportunity to visit with and get to know Cuban Baptists as well as worship in local churches.  Contact froma@ncbaptist.org
Armenia-Work in 2013 will present opportunities for construction, VBS, sports, pastor's conferences, Bible studies for ladies and men.  There is also a church planter sponorship program.  Contact jburchette@ncbaptist.org
Kenya Work & Witness-Teams are needed to travel to Kenya to assist in the Houses of Hope, a church planting effort in which teams build 4 houses in 4 days for families in need.  Teams will also have opportunity to do children's ministry, sports, eyeglass clinics, and more. Trip dates can be set up according to your schedule.  Contact mabernathy@ncbaptist.org
Lebanon-Opportunity to construct a training/retreat center, sponsor an evangelical event, and/or sponsor children to attend a Christian camp.  Contact mabernathy@ncbaptist.org
Gaza-NCBM are working with a group to sponsor children in a Christian School in Gaza who otherwise are unable to attend because their parentys cannot afford the supplies, backpacks and uniforms.  This is a great opportunity to make a difference in a child's life.  Contact jburchette@ncbaptist.org
Unreached People Groups (UPG)-Is your church willing to adopt an Unreached Pople Group?  There are many people who have never had the opportunity to hear the Gospel. We are working to offer opportunities for your church to pray for and engage in ministry to an UPG.  If interested, contact rbrunson@ncbaptist.org
Guatemala-NC Baptist Men, working in cooperation with International Indigenous Community Development (IICD) in central Guatemaola, will send teams to assist in the construction of a community health clinic and ledership training center.  Contact mabernathy@ncbaptist.org