Union Baptist Association
Friday, February 27, 2015
Linked Together

Bi-Vocational Ministry

Consider this…….
By the time you get this newsletter there will be dirt preparation for the new wing of the UBA building. I thank the messenger that saw the vision and possibilities for this new wing. The Southern Baptist slogan, “Trust the Lord and tell the people” has been followed. I watched our Director go through careful steps to make sure that the involved leaders of our association felt this was the leading of the Lord. Each step was confirmation, and this continued till the messengers voted and gave full affirmation that this work was to be carried forward. What amazed me was no one in committees or leadership was against this motion.
The main purpose for this building is to start churches. It has been over three years since we have started a church. The building will be large enough to grow a church that can thrive when it leaves the facility. The vision can be shared by all the churches who want to participate.
Allow me to share some of the ways you can be involved in this partnership.
There will be a need for volunteer labor to do part of the inside work under the direction of Baptist Men’s Ministries. This will help keep the cost down and allow people to share in this vision. The beginning stage, which is the dirt work, has already been donated. There will be men and women who will continue this labor of sharing their talents and abilities.
There is participation in giving. You can be part of the Faith Building 5K2 Plan. Our director has pledged 5,000.00 to the new wing over a two year span. Some have already accepted this challenge, and we have $50,000 so far. I would like to challenge you as a church, or a group of churches, groups such as WMU, Baptist Men, Choirs, Sunday School Classes and individuals to join this faith challenge. This will allow people to give according to the blessing of God. This gift amount can be from $5,000.00 individually to $25.00 as a member of a group. The plan is to give $5,000.00 over a two year span.
At the groundbreaking ceremony, I challenged those who have accepted this faith challenge to believe with me that we could pay the note off when we finish the building. So I am asking you, will you believe with me?
There is another way of sharing in this vision. Would your church include this in your church bulletin as a prayer request? Maybe the Pastors could lead the church in praying for this vision and the future church starts. The request could be labeled as “UBA Building/Church Start.” Let’s trust our Lord and tell our people and join together in this vision.
We would be glad to come to your church and share this vision if the Pastors invite us.

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