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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Bi-Vocational Ministry

Consider this…
Our health is a wonderful gift. I am trying to do things to improve my health such as eating healthy foods, exercising and getting sufficient sleep. January 1st was the day I quit soft drinks, and I am winning that battle so far. I feel it is important to strive for healthy living.
Not only do we want healthy bodies, but Christians want to go to healthy churches. Our church profiles give us a glimpse if we have healthy churches. What makes a healthy church? Is our church growing with new converts, growing spiritually in small groups, supporting missions and worshipping with a harmonious body of believers? You may have other ideas of what constitutes a healthy church.
I have always thought that Sunday School was a strong test of a healthy church. People who come to Sunday School are usually committed to personal spiritual growth and dedicated to the church. They are usually giving members as well.
Many of our Sunday Schools have about the same attendance year after year. This does not mean they are not reaching new people. The reason may be what is called “the churn” in the church. The church is never static, and people are always leaving the Sunday School because of death, sickness, moving or personal reason. Most churches will lose about 20% of attendance per year no matter what they do.
So if a church is staying about the same in attendance, they are really growing at a 20% rate. If you have 100 in Sunday School and you want to grow 20%, you need to enroll 60 new people in Sunday School. Twenty (20) new people will cover the loss to “the churn”, and the 40 new people will probably be in attendance about every other Sunday. This will give you a growth of 20%. This is a realistic growth pattern for Sunday School.
I hope you will think about your own personal health and the health of your church and your Sunday School.
Bivocational Ministries Conference

Bivocational Ministries Conference

Theme: Men of Prayer and the Word
July 11-12, 2014
Caraway Conference Center
Asheboro, NC

A Conference for all Smaller Church Ministers and Spouses

Cost: $50 per person before May 1st. $60 per person after deadline.
Deadline: Wednesday, July 3, 2014

Register here or download the form below and mail to:
Abby Edwards, 205 Convention Drive, NC 27511



Claude King

Discipleship & Church Health Specialist, LifeWay Christian Resources

Claude V. King serves as Discipleship & Church Health Specialist at LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention. He is author or coauthor of numerous books and discipleship courses including Experiencing God, Fresh Encounter, The Mind of Christ, The Call to Follow Christ, Growing Disciples: Pray in Faith, Come to the Lord’s Table, Concentric Circles of Concern, and others. Claude serves as President of the Board of Directors for Final Command Ministries. He is a graduate of Belmont College and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his wife Reta live in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.



Caleb's Crossing

Praise and Worship

Caleb’s Crossing is made up of Matt Lineback who sings and plays rhythm guitar, Todd Chrisco who sings and plays piano, lead and rhythm guitar and Jonathan Jessup who completes the trio of singers. Each of these young men are extremely gifted and talented with both vocals and instruments. They are all actively involved in ministry through their local churches and shares a powerful testimony of God’s grace through their ministry of music and worship.




Friday, July 11, 2014

1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Registration
2:00 – 5:00 p.m. SESSION 1 – Tony Medlin Welcome Tony Medlin
Praise and Worship Caleb’s Crossing
2:25 p.m. Devotional - TBD
2:40 p.m. Praise and Worship Caleb’s Crossing
2:50 p.m. Men of Prayer and the Word: Experiencing Intimacy with God in Prayer-Claude King
4:00 p.m. Break
4:15 p.m. Men of Prayers and the Word: Discerning God's Will Through Prayer -

Claude King
5:30 p.m. DINNER
6:30 – 8:30 p.m. SESSION 2 – David Willis
Praise and Worship Caleb’s Crossing
6:40 p.m. Business Session Tony Medlin
7:00 p.m. Prayer Time - TBD
7:25 p.m. Inspirational Concert - Caleb’s Crossing
8:00 p.m. Closing Prayer
Fellowship Time - Refreshments by TBD

Saturday, July 12, 2014

7:30 a.m. Breakfast
8:30 – 10:00 a.m. SESSION 3 – Gary Henderson
Praise and Worship - Caleb’s Crossing
8:35 a.m. Men of Prayer and the Word: Doers of God's Word and Not Hearers Only-Claude King
10:00 a.m. Break/Check Out
10:30 – 12:00 a.m. SESSION 4 – Randy Shuler
10:30 a.m. Special Music – Caleb’s Crossing
10:40 a.m. Men of Prayer and the Word: The Bivocational Strategy - Mobilizing the Whole Body of Christ - Claude King
11:55 a.m. Praise and Worship - Caleb’s Crossing
12:00 p.m. Wrap Up and Closing Prayer


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