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Thursday, December 18, 2014
Linked Together

Bi-Vocational Ministry

Consider this……….
There is the temptation for the miraculous to become mundane and the sacred to become common. This happened to God’s called people in their journey with God. They were hungry, and God miraculously fed them with manna every day, but in time, it ceased to be a miracle in their eyes, and they wanted something else.
So it is today, we know that Jesus was conceived through Immaculate Conception and born to a young woman who had never had sexual relations with a man. So, season after season, we hear the story and may be tempted to say yes, that is the Christmas story. It is easy for the miracle story to become mundane and common. The story of God’s introduction of His only Son came about through a peasant girl engaged to a peasant boy. God used simple people to bring His Messiah into this world. He continues that tradition of using simple people to bring the Messiah to the world.
This most important event came about with no fanfare of earthly affairs. God chose a census to move them to Bethlehem, but still the delivery was in a barn, and the basinet was a feed trough. The miracle was the human entry of God’s only Son. It ranks as one of the great miracles of God.
I was in the delivery room and experienced the miracle of our two daughters. It was one of the great miracles of my life. I did not know them well when they were born, but after 30 years plus, I know them well, and they are my children. I loved them when they were born, but I love them even more after the passing of time, as I am sure you would say the same about your children.
When Jesus became my Savior, I loved him because He rescued me. With the passing of time, I love Him more because I now know more of His greatness as God and His awesome plan of salvation.
If the miraculous truth of Jesus’ birth has become common, then remember the miracle. Read the story again of His birth. Remember the reason Jesus came to earth. Realize and visualize when we were lost and away from God and our certain doom. Rejoice that we now belong to Jesus.
May this Christmas season be remembered as a great miracle of God and one of thankfulness for His gift of love and salvation. Let us resist the temptation for the miraculous to become mundane.

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