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Friday, December 19, 2014
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Director of Missions

              Dennis'                Dialogue
One Starry Night
A star in the sky; shinning so bright,
Shepherds awakened in the midst of the night.
Angels singing a glorious song for all to hear;
God’s blessed gift sent from heaven, draws near.
Marvelous mystery, Love divine; Wondrous sight!
A crowded lodge, filled with clamorous din;
Too full for compassion, no room within.
A simple stable stood in the rear;
Gladly accepted as a birth drew near.
The travail of labor; fated curse of sin.
The crisp night air is broken by a baby’s cry,
Trauma is ended, softened by a mother’s sigh.
The ground is dampened by a grateful father’s tears,
Peace comes at last, calming his paternal fears.
A heart filled with pride; he whispers a prayer on high.
Can it be that this child born of such a lowly birth,
Was given by God to save all the earth?
He was not given for a few or for some,
But for all those, who will, may freely come.
For only in this child will one find true worth.
What began one starry night so very long ago,
Gives to man new hope against all of life’s foe.
From his head to his heart to his soul;
Man now lives with the promise of being made whole.
One starry night God proclaimed His love for us all.
Dennis L Burton, D. Min.
Dedicated to Dylan Winfield Riggs
By , Awpa.