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Friday, January 30, 2015
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Director of Missions

              Dennis'                Dialogue
“Beginning Again”
It always amazes me that another year has come and gone in almost a blink of the eye. I just get settled into one year, and it time for another. One can be sure that our being so busy and engaged, many days go by with us grateful they have ended. We drag ourselves home exhausted and glad for the sanctuary of being home again. To be sure 2014 has been a tough year in many respects, and the outlook for 2015 is still up for grabs. But, if we are not intentional about our living we will find ourselves knocking on the door of 2016 asking the same question…Where did the year go?
2015 is a golden opportunity for us. We need see it not so much as a year to endure before the celebrations begin, but as a transition vehicle to move us to the opportunities God will give us to engage in the work of His Kingdom. It can help prepare us to enter into a new day in the history of man and of our own living. I believe that it is essential for us to arrive at the year 2015 with a clear sense that God is not only on the journey with us, but He is leading us on mission. Every day is a unique gift of God, and we need to truly value it for the rare gift it is. I have on my desk a note pad that helps me stay on track and finish needed tasks. It is my “To Do List”. The top of it reads: “To Do: Can Do. Will Do. Must Do. and Deep Do! When I get to the last position, I am in Trouble!
I suspect that all of us, without intentional forethought, have arrived at 2015 with many things undone or left hanging. We may have even more baggage to carry into the next 365 days of our lives. In fact, I can’t think of anything that would rob us of more joy than to wade into the next page of life weighted down with the burden of the incomplete. Our minds could be filled with anxiety, guilt, and grief over what we have left unfinished.
Therefore, I propose a TO DO LIST for Preparing for the Year 2015:
What in my relationship with God do I need to bring to the surface and improve?
What in my family relationships, with wife, husband, child, or parent do I need to restore?
Where in my relationships with others do I need to seek reconciliation?
Where in my church do I need to more deeply invest myself?
What in my community, school or neighborhood do I need to take responsibility for?
How can I be an agent of reconciliation, peace, and healing to my world?
How can I make my work more meaningful and productive?
What contribution can I make to enrich the life of a specific person this year?
How can I eat less, play more, rest without guilt, and improve my heath?
To whom do I need to express my profound appreciation and gratitude?
And finally: What must I do to live in such a way that all
that I believe, love, and honor will be so apparent that
others will see it without my having to tell them?
I am sure that you will have many other items to add to my TO DO List, and they will be even more meaningful to you. Whatever your list, let me encourage you to plan 2015 well. It will never come again, and it will go by so very quickly. Paul had a word for the church at Corinth that seems appropriate: “And here is my advice about what is best for you in this matter: Last year you were the first not only to give but also to have the desire to do so. Now finish the work, so that your eager willingness to do it may be matched by your completion of it, according to your means.”
2 Corn.8: 10-11
I pray for God’s richest blessings on your journey this year.