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Sunday, March 01, 2015
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MARCH AGAIN!! As I get older the time seems to fly by much faster. Seeing the daffodils ready to pop open and some of the trees showing signs of new life gets me excited (especially after the cold days of February) that Spring is on the way; however, Winter weather does prepare the earth for the beauty and warmth of Spring. Focus on WMU and the emphasis on the work of our North American missionaries reminds us of the opportunities, as well as responsibilities, for joining God in His work in our state and country. May what we hear and see prepare us for the “beauty and warmth” we receive as we pray and give so the GOSPEL can be proclaimed to the peoples of North Carolina and North America.  
“THANK YOU” to churches and women of our Association for observing “Women’s Day”, praying and giving for the mission and ministry of WMU-NC. May God continue to bless the work in North Carolina so we can provide many opportunities for children, young people and adults to minister to others and experience spiritual growth.
Materials have been distributed to churches for the Mary Blair Scholarship nominations. Young women and men who will enter their freshman year at Wingate University in the Fall of 2015 can be nominated for this scholarship. Please submit the application forms as soon as possible. Based on the current funds available, one scholarship will be awarded this year. Yearly dues and donations from WMU groups enable this scholarship to be provided. The amount of $2.00 per adult member is suggested for yearly dues. Thank you for sharing financial gifts so this outreach ministry can be continued. Checks should be made payable to UBA, marked for “WMU scholarship”.
I am looking forward to our time of worship and fellowship on Tuesday, March 31st!
March 1-8   - North American Missions Emphasis & AAEO Offering
March 21st   - Camp Mundo Vista Open House
March 28th - Children in Action Day at Camp Mundo Vista
March 31st -   WMU Annual Celebration at UBA-MRC 7pm
ALL for Him,
Brenda Carter, UBA WMU Director
A statement on our responsibility to serve those who suffer PTSD
by Margaret Harding, WMU NC Adult Specialist
When I first heard that the next critical issue for WMU would be Project HELP:  PTSD, I immediately thought about our military since that is where I first heard the word PTSD.  The trauma of war or a war injury not only affects that military person but also his or her family.  Being deployed creates tremendous anxiety for them and their families.  We are so grateful to the men and women who serve our country and often put themselves in danger for you and me and for the freedoms we enjoy in America.  We need to thank them, thank God and ask for His protection over them every single day!  I have also learned that PTSD goes beyond our military!  One resource I have studied defines PTSD as "an anxiety disorder that can occur following the experience or witnessing of a traumatic event".  These events may be "military combat, natural disasters, terrorist incidents, serious accidents, or physical or sexual assault in adult or childhood".  (Jessica Hamblem, "What is PTSD?  A handout from the National Center for PTSD."  For more information see ptsd.va.gov).
We acknowledge that there is suffering in the world.  From the beginning, we have been given responsibility and accountability to the laws of God.  When Adam and Eve violated that order, suffering was born.  The nature of humanity was changed.  In scripture we read of the promise of restoration in Isaiah 12 and 53.  In chapter 53, he describes the model of the suffering servant who would atone for the sins of the people.  Through the incarnation, the resurrection, and the glorification of Christ, God fulfilled promises made throughout the Old Testament.  However, knowing Christ does not exempt us from all the consequences of a fallen world.  Throughout the ministry of Jesus we hear a constant theme.  We are called to be His children and to love God with our whole hearts and to love others as ourselves (see Matthew 22:37-39; John 15:12; Galatians 6:2, 10).  We are called to wait with those who are broken while God puts the pieces back together again (Info from Drawing Near Resource Kit).  God does fulfill His promises.  He does provide strength.  Nothing can keep us from the love of God.  If we accept His love and receive His gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, he becomes our shield in the facing of life's battles, but no one is immune from suffering.
Not everyone who experiences a traumatic event will develop PTSD.  However, the risk is present if the person witnessed the event or was a victim; the person suffered a serious injury during the trauma; the trauma was long-lasting or very severe; the person saw himself or someone else being in danger; or the person felt helpless and unable to help himself or someone else.  PTSD is no respector of persons.  The lasting conquences of trauma can affect people of all ages and in varied situations, which was evidenced in our last Project HELP emphasis on Human Exploitation.  If you've hesitated to learn or get involved with Project HELP:  PTSD by saying "oh there are no military around me so this issue is not relevant for where I live" then may I ask you to "pray and think again"?
The church should be a loving and supporting community who cares.  If we say we want to serve our country and protect our faith we MUST respond to PTSD in whatever form that takes.  We hear too often about school shootings, domestic violence, abductions and on and on we could go.  It's time to focus attention on helping those in need, on protecting and preserving, and demonstrating by action the faith we have as Christians.
May I offer these steps:
  1. Educate - yourself and your church.  How?  Purchase the "Drawing Near" Resource Kit.  Included is not only education on what PTSD is but also a Bible study, a Prayer Plan, and Mission Projects and Resources.  (This kit can be purchased for $9.99 + shipping cost at www.wmustore.com or by calling 1-800-968-7301.)
  2. Pray  -  for God to give you wisdom and lead your church into specific actions that you can do to minister to victims and families of PTSD.  Remember you are not a professional counselor, but there are things you can do to help the families of a PTSD victim.  Maybe it is something as simple as keeping the children so the parents can go to counseling or preparing a meal for the family or taking the spouse of a soldier out to dinner or other similar acts of support.
  3. Bible Study  -  study the scripture of people in the Bible that experienced trauma in their lives....remember those who were lost in the floods of Noah's day, Hebrew mothers whose male babies were killed, wilderness wanderings, the stories of Job, Jeremiah, and Paul to name a few.  Then look at the model of the ministry of Jesus.  That should call any Christian to action!
  4. Mission Projects  -  After education, prayer and Bible Study, the natural result is "action".  What can I do?  In the "Drawing Near" Resource Kit, there are missions project ideas for adults, students, children and preschoolers.  For adults:  contact domestic violence shelters for needs such as ongoing supplies, provide meals, and volunteer.  The same opportunities could be available at crisis pregnancy centers or homeless shelters.  For students:  consider resource kits for teens in schools that could be given to guidance counselors for use as they counsel students in private situations, or providing a bag of items (approved by the military base) for military personnel returning home from deployments.  For children:  collect stuffed animals for law enforcement officers as they deal with accident victims or other occasions where they might be called to the home to remove a child, assemble hospital care packages for children, or host an associational end of school bash for foster children and families.  For preschoolers:  collect items for disaster victims, collect stuffed animals for police officers to give to children as they are on duty, make cookies for first responders, etc.  An excellent resource for preschoolers and young children is the book "Sometimes I Am Afraid" (W148103)
"Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."
Matthew 25:40 (NIV)
"Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me."
Matthew 25:45 (NIV)
May we be found faithful!
(Article taken from the Winter 2014/2015 edition of Tarheel Talk)
February 9-15, 2015 

Missions Extravaganza 2015

April 17-19, 2015

Ardmore Baptist Church

501 Miller Street

Winston-Salem NC  27103

Join us in Winston-Salem on the beautiful campus of Ardmore Baptist Church! Mark your calendars and make plans now to attend this insightful, energizing event! 

Tentative Schedule

Friday, April 17

1:00 – 6:00 Registration

2:00 – 4:00 Ministry Projects

2:00 – 3:00 Conference 1

3:15 – 4:15 Conference 2

6:30 – Pre-Session/Mini Concert

7:00 – Evening Session

Saturday, April 18

8:30 – Pre-Session Music

9:00 – Annual Meeting

11:00 – 12:00 Conference 3/ Lunch 1

12:15 – 1:15 Conference 4/ Lunch 2

1:30 – 2:30 Conference 5

2:45 – 4:00 – Closing Session










*Photographs and graphic art provided by Shutterstock, WMU NC volunteers, and WMU NC staff.


Click Here to download an informational flyer for Missions Extravaganza 2015 








Edna Ellison

Author, Speaker and the Guru of Christian Mentoring


Edna loves to lead prayer retreats and speak at women's conferences. She wrote Woman to Woman:  Preparing Yourself to Mentor and Seeking Wisdom with Tricia Scribner, whom she mentored.




Phyllis Elvington   

Author and Speaker


Phyllis' energetic, uplifting and well-prepared style may have you laughing in the aisles one minute and your heart on its knees the next.  She loves serving the Lord in church, association and state settings.




Gordon Fort

Senior Vice President

Office of Prayer Mobilization and Training, IMB 


Gordon was born and grew up on the mission field in Africa.  He returned and served as a missionary in Africa form 1985 to 2004.  He currently serves at the IMB headquarters.




David Fitzgerald

Minister of Worship, Music and Arts, Ardmore Baptist Church

David is an accomplished musician who uses varied music genres to lead people in Christ-centered worship.



Make your hotel reservations now!

Missions Extravaganza takes place during a high-demand period, so please make your hotel reservations as soon as possible. The address for Ardmore Baptist Church is 501 Miller Street, Winston Salem, NC  27103. 




Distance to Ardmore


Best Western Plus

3330 Silas Creek Pkwy





Included – Hot

Comfort Suites

200 Capitol Lodging Ct

336-774-0805 / 800-424-6423



Included – Hot

Fairfield Inn & Suites

1680 Westbook Plaza Dr

336-714-3000 / 800-228-2800



Included – Hot

Hawthorne Inn

420 High St

336-777-3000 / 1-800-972-3774





Included –Continental

Historic Brookstown Inn

200 Brookstown Ave

336-725-1120 / 800-845-4262





Included – Continental

Microtel Inn

100 Capital Lodging Ct

336-659-1994 / 800-771-7171



Included – Continental

Ramada Plaza Hotel & Spa

3050 University Pkwy

336-723-2911 / 877-499-7829



Included – Continental

Village Inn Event Center

6205 Ramada Dr Clemmons, NC 27012

336-766-9121 / 800-554-6416



Included - Hot


Make it a weekend retreat! 

Visit Winston-Salem has available staff to assist you with planning group tours, local activities and securing accommodations.Feel free to contact them at: servicesdept@visitwinstonsalem.com or 336-728-4237. 

Come to Missions Extravaganza to hear stories of missionaries around the world and ministries that are working around NC and other places. You will experience times of worship, learning and fellowship. We look forward to seeing you there! 


ME Registration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.  How do I register?
A.  Participants can register online at www.wmunc.org.
Q.  How much does it cost to register?
A.  Registration opens July 1, 2014. Early Bird Registration (on or before February 1, 2015) is $35.00 per person. Late Registration (after February 1, 2015) is $45.00 per person.
Q.  Is it possible to change conference registrations?
A.  Yes and no. When you register a certain number of participants, you are required to pay for that number of participants. Refunds are not available (see below). Additional participants can be registered as long as registration remains open.
Q.  How long will conference registration remain open?
A.  Registration will remain open until all spaces are full. If registration closes, an announcement will be posted online, on website, facebook, and twitter when or if registration meets capacity.
Q.  What is the refund policy?
A.  Refunds are not given except in the case of death in family or illness documented by doctor’s note.
Q.  Are meals included in the registration?
A.  Saturday’s lunch is included with the registration fee. You are responsible for all other meals.
Q.  Are conference registration and hotel reservations different?
A.  Yes. Conference registration should be paid to WMU NC and includes your program fees and Saturday lunch. You are responsible for securing and paying for your hotel reservations.

ME Hotel Registration FAQs


ME General FAQs

Q.  What is the tentative schedule for the weekend?
A.  Friday, April 17, 2015
1pm - Registration Opens
2pm – 4pm Ministry Projects
2pm – 3pm Conference 1
3:15pm – 4:15pm Conference 2
6:30pm – Pre-session/Mini-concert
7:00pm – Evening session

Saturday, April 18, 2015
8:30am – Pre-session music
9:00am – Annual meeting
11am – 12pm – Conference 3/Lunch 1
12:15pm – 1:15pm – Conference 4/Lunch 2
1:30pm – 2:30pm – Conference 5
2:45pm – 4 - Closing session
Q.  Is dress casual?
A.  Yes.
Q.  Will there be items for sale?
A.  Bookstore will be available.
Q.  What if I have a question that’s not on this list of Frequently Asked Questions?
A.  Please contact the WMU NC office at 919.882.2344 or 866.210.8602.

2015 ME Ministry Projects

WMU NC hopes to offer a limited number of mission projects on Friday, April 17, 2015.  As ministry projects are secured, a project list with descriptions as well as a registration form will be available www.wmunc.org.

  Help Young Women Attend!
Shine Scholarship Fund

Do you want to encourage and affirm the young women in your church and association? Do you want to see more young women catch a vision for missions and WMU NC?

If you answered yes to these questions, you can play a part as you invest in the lives of young women. WMU NC wants to be the catalyst “to challenge, prepare and equip young women Christian believers to be radically involved in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.” We are asking each church and association to assist young women by all or part of their way to attend Missions Extravaganza and other events for young women. If you have a young woman in your church or association that would love this opportunity, we encourage you to assist her and bring her to Missions Extravaganza. If not, you can help other young women in NC by sending your contributions to WMU NC, Shine Scholarship Fund, PO Box 18309, Raleigh, NC 27619-8309.

Call 866-210-8602 or visit www.wmunc.org to register online.
Calendar Talk 2015
 9-15     WMU NC Heck-Jones Offering & Week of Prayer
 9-15     Focus on WMU
    14     Children's Ministry Day
 1-8       North American Missions Emphasis & Annie Armstrong
             Easter Offering
     3      WMU NC Office Closed for Easter
17-18    Missions Extravaganza, Ardmore Church,
            Winston Salem
15-16     WMU NC Executive Board, Camp Mundo Vista
     25     WMU NC Office closed for Memorial Day
 14-15    WMU Annual Meeting & Missions Celebration
              Columbus, OH
       4      WMU NC Office closed for Independence Day
 5-11       World Missions Week & Deep Impact, Fort Caswell
15-21      BWA Women's Leadership Conference,
               Durban, South Africa
22-26      21st Baptist World Alliance World Congress,
               Durban, South Africa
 6-8         CWJC/CMJC Site Coordinator Training
               Birmingham, Alabama
To learn more about Children's Mission Education, click here.
To learn more about Children in Action, click here.
To learn more about Girls in Action, click here.
Online Training
Great News!  Online Training Courses have been updated to coordinate with the New Guides.
You can access training for:
♦Mission Friends
♦Girls in Action
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♦Royal Ambasadors
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Go to www.wmunc.org  and select Learning from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.  Online Training is one of the options and then you can register for and complete the course(s) of your choice.  Questions, contact salvarez@wmunc.org.
Woman's Missionary Union of North Carolina is a missions organization whose purpose is to challenge, prepare and equip Christian believers to be radically involved in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.
Union Baptist Association
2014-2015 WMU Team Leaders
WMU Director           Brenda Carter, Hermon
WOM Consultant       Pat Haigler, Centerview
Acteen                      Stephanie Smith, Oak Grove
Girls in Action          
Mission Friends         Shirley Davis, Mt. Pleasant
 **Note: The WMU Team Leaders are available to speak/share at your church,Women's Group and/or age-level organizations.
Mary Blair Scholarship Team:
Niki Myers (2015)              Oak Grove
Brooke Garrison(2016)       Shiloh
Holly Casstevens (2017)     New Salem
Note:  Scholarships are funded by the annual WMU dues which are sent to the UBA Office
designated as "WMU Dues". Suggested amount is $2.00 per member for Adult Groups.
          Thank you for supporting our Scholarship Fund.
Leadership Team:
Erin Helms(2015)      704-764-3788     Sandy Ridge
Carson Helms(2016)  704-764-7495     Sandy Ridge
Louise Counts(2017) 704-283-5381     Corinth
Area Directors:
Group 1      Rhonda Long, Austin Grove
Group 2      Ann Dora Rollins, Mountain Springs
Group 3      Elizabeth Starnes, Hopewell
Group 4      Ann Williams, Macedonia
Group 5      Teresa Rape, Mary Elizabeth
Group 6      Joyce Cox,
Group 7      Zana Fogarty, First Weddington
WMU NC partners with and supports many other Christian organizations and entities including:
The missions & ministries of WMU NC include...
  • Restorative Justice (prison) Ministry
  • Camp Angel Tree
  • NC Baptist Nursing Fellowship
  • Camp Mundo Vista
  • Minister's Spouses Support
  • Military Ministry
  • Multicultural Ministries
  • Missions Training and Mission Leader Training
  • NC Christian Women's Job Corps/Christian Men's Job Corps
  • Missions Partnerships
  • Missions Organization Start Up
  • Missions Organization Support - our staff and Resource Team are available to coach, train and encourage churches, leaders and individuals interested in doing missions through any of our organizations or blending our material with other activities or groups' materials.
  • Promotion of Missions Awareness - we promote missions awareness through our organizations, events, partnerships, publications and website as well as WMU curriculum and other materials; our staff, Resource Team and others also frequently speak at church, association and other events.
  • Missionary Start Up - a monetary gift is given to each NC native missionary entering into full-time service with the International Mission Board, North American Mission Board or Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Global Missions.
  • Short-term Missions Volunteers - financial assistance is provided, as funds allow, to those who feel called to serve Christ through short-term mission trips.
And much, much more!
We believe that Jesus Christ, Son of God, gave His life a sacrifice for the salvation of all people of the world, fulfilling God's plan for the ages as revealed in the Bible, God's Holy Word.
We embrace the strategic role of prayer and giving for missionaries and missions needs.
We recognize the role of family in discipleship and missions development.
We recognize the giftedness of women and girls and accept the responsibility to help them use their gifts in serving Christ.
We accept the responsibility for nuturing preschoolers, children, youth and adults in missions.
We accept the responsibility for developing and equipping missions leaders.
We accept the biblical mandate to respond to human need with actions modeled by Jesus Christ and with the message of God's redemptive plan.
We partner with other Great Commission Christians to lead a lost world to Christ.
We uphold the foundational principles of the priesthood of every believer and the autonomy and uniqueness of each local church in carrying out the Great Commission.
Learn About Missions
Pray for Missions
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Engage in Mission Action and Witnessing
Develop Spiritually Toward a Missions Lifestyle
Participate in the Work of the Church and Denomination
Develop and strengthen WMU in all congregations
Nuture a missions environment in the churches and association
Equip churches to provide missions
awareness and involvement
Provide and participate in associational
mission activities and projects
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