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Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Bible Drills 2014

2014 Bible Drill
For children, youth and high school students in grades 4-12.  Bible Drill helps students increase their knowledge, memorization and application of Scripture, and NOW is the time.
Resources are online at www.ncbaptist.org. Scroll to end of page, click on 'Bible Drill' for resources available, including a video of 'How to do Children's Bible Drill', a High School Bible Drill Demo and Youth Bible Drill Demo.
We hope to encourage churches to participate.  The benefits of participation last a lifetime.  Winners abound in every age level.  Students develop skills in locating Bible books; they learn 25 key verses and 10 key passages.  This ministry for children and youth provides a strong foundation for life application of the Scriptures.  Please consider joining the UBA with this ministry for children and youth.
The Mission Resource Center was host to the 2014 Association Bible Drill on Sunday afternoon, March 9.  We congratulate each of the participants as follows:
Children participating from First Baptist Weddington:
Daniel Horton, Anna-Regan Gray, Hayden Weddle, Olivia Castano, Christopher Castano, Luke Starnes and Hannah Starnes.
Youth participating from Lakeview Baptist Church:
Jodie Helms and Emma Parson
Appreciation is extended to Mrs. Connie Rape from Mountain Springs Baptist Church for conducting the Bible Drill each year.
We recognize the hard work and diligent study of each participant and the support given by their parents and church leaders.
More information about the Bible Drill is available at the NC Baptist State Convention website
www.ncbaptist.org.  The Bible Drill information is located at Congregational Services.
It is our hope that more churches will implement this ministry effort and join us for the 2015 Bible Drill.
Please read the following letter and testimonial submitted by a mother from one of our UBA churches:
"I would love to help promote the Association Bible Drill program...you see when out son (3 year state winner) first started Bible Drill, he had learning/reading disabilities.  In fact, our other children questioned him even 'doing' Bible Drill.  But he was determined....he would lay in bed at night and practice reading the verses, which was a major accomplishment.  Night after night for weeks he owuld do this, trying to read the verses.  The lady at our church who served as our Bible Drill leader never gave up on him.  She challenged him to memorize 1 verse, then 2 more, and before we knew it, he had all 25.  In the Key Passage Drill, where you must read a verse, he struggled, but he made it.  As he did his first church drill, andpassed, we (the church director and myself) were both in tears because we witnessed God's grace on a little boy.  And when he won State Drill, we let him choose where to eat lunch.  But another thing happened...his grades in school began to improve, his reading skills improved a lot, and he was very thankful to God for helping him, because he knew "he can do all things through Christ who gives him strength'.  So Bible Drill is very important to this family.  Thank you for making it available."
Follow this link for more information on Bible Drills: