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Tuesday, March 03, 2015
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Christian Women's Job Corps

What’s Happening in
Christian Women’s Job Corps?
During January and February, we focused on teaching Budgeting Classes to the seven CWJC ladies that could join us.   In the month of March, the American Red Cross, Union County Chapter, will teach a CPR class to our participants, followed by a class on "how to set up an emergency kit".    Planning ahead, Mrs. Stephanie Smith will provide a beauty and self-confidence class. I thank all who have made these efforts possible to benefit our participants.
We look forward to working with a new participant who joined in February. If you know someone who could benefit from this program, please send them to us.
It saddens us that Phyllis Slaymon, our current director, will be leaving at the end of March. She has done a good job and will be missed. We need to fill this position. Would you please pray about this need, and ask God to send the right person our way?
Thank you to all who have given gift cards and donations. These are great incentives to give as they are earned. Thanks also to everyone who helped with the sale of candles.    We always request your prayers for this ministry as we are led of God and strive to help women in Union County overcome obstacles and move forward.
The CWJC of Union County is having a Candle Fundraiser.  The information is below:
Please contact Pat Haigler, 704-624-5233 for more information.
What is CWJC?
Christian Women’s Job Corps of Union County (CWJC) is a program to assist women in need. This ministry provides a Christian context in which women are equipped for life and employment and a missions context in which women help women.
God is deeply concerned for those in need. As disciples, we are commanded to imitate that caring spirit and be God’s hands and feet of mercy to the needy. The scripture makes it clear that caring for those in need is a central aspect of true Christian discipleship. We go forward into a hurting world with the message of God’s unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance. These are foundational to our ministry of hope through CWJC.
In our association, we are now serving 9 women. Bible Study is provided on Tuesday mornings by Pat Haigler at the UBA Missions Resource Center. We have 5 women attending, the other 4 have jobs.
In December 2014, 6 of the women joined us for a Christmas party, going out to eat and attending the beautiful East Campus Baptist Church Christmas musical.
We are in much need of mentors. Working and sharing one-on-one is a blessing I cannot describe. To see a person blossom is amazing!! In January 2015, we will begin a Budgeting Class to be taught by Phyllis Slaymon. 
Christian Women’s Job Corps of Union County organized in 2002. During these 12½ years, we have worked with many participants. We have received many great testimonies from these women stating how their mentors have been there for them. We would love for more ladies to experience this opportunity to grow in Christ.
CWJC is in need of financial support. Would your women’s group be willing to have a fund-raiser or take a love offering to help with our needs? This is a great mission project. Please pray and ask God what He would have you do.
May God bless your Women’s Ministry group in your every effort.
Love serving Him!
Pat Haigler, Chairman
Christian Women’s Job Corps of Union County
Christian Women's Job Corps was founded in July 1994, by the Woman's Missionary Union of the Southern Baptist Convention.  In January of 1996, the Christian Women's Job Corps National Task Force met with representatives of three pilot sites for an evaluation of the project.  The unanimous conclusion?  CWJC works.
In May 1997, WMU was honored by having CWJC named as one of eighteen charter members of the Vice President's Welfare to Work Coalition to Sustain Success.  CWJC was also a 1997 nominee for the Samaritan Award.
The CWJC Statement of Faith is:
We believe in the Trinity—God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit—and the Bible as the Word of God.  Salvation comes through grace by believing in Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God, our Savior and Lord.  Once saved, the Holy Spirit indwells, thereby instructing, guiding and empowering the individual to follow the mandate of Jesus Christ in daily living.
Holistic Approach
The purpose of Christian Women's Job Corps is to provide a Christian context in which women in need are equipped for life and employment, and a missions context in which women help women.
This is accomplished by seeking to minister to the total woman:  spiritual, physical, emotional,and educational, enabling the woman in need to gain skills for employment and life.  The key elements for this comprehensive approach are:
  • A mentor for every participant 
  • A covenant between participant and mentor
  • Bible Study
  • Networking
  • A needs assessment of communities and participants
Other programs offered include...
Parenting Classes which focus on making memories with the participant's child;
Life Skill Classes ranging from budgeting and cooking to resume writing;
Potter's Provisions where participants can acquire dress clothes, children's clothes, school supplies, furniture, and household items;
Caring Cars provides a donated car to participant's who are qualified and able to pay insurance and taxes on the vehicle.
"One to One, Woman to Woman,
Dependency to Self Sufficiency
through Jesus Christ our Lord"
Join Us!
Christian Women's Job Corps has ongoing service opportunities available in the following areas:
  • Mentoring a CWJC participant (training is provided).
  • Leading a Bible study for participants.
  • Becoming a prayer partner for CWJC.
  • Assisting with short-term child care.
  • Providing occasional transportation for clients.
  • Teaching job or life skills workshops in computers, resume writing, interviewing, money management, parenting, nutrition, etc.
  • Providing food, clothing, or hygiene items and/or maintaining stocks of these items.
  • Networking with church and community resource bases.
  • Coordinating or assisting in office tasks.
If you would like further information on mentoring, volunteering, or becoming a participant, please contact Phyllis Slaymon, Site Coordinator.  Phyllis can be contacted at the UBA, 704-283-8383 on Tuesday and Thursday from 11 am until 2 pm.
Phyllis Slaymon, Site Coordinator,
CWJC of Union County.
Pat Haigler, Board Chairman,
CWJC of Union County.
Click here to download CWJC brochure in PDF format.
How do we avoid hurting the ones that we want to help?  When does our "help" become a crutch to prevent someone from taking the steps they need to choose on their own?  Does putting a Band-aid on the gaping wounds of poverty really do any good?  Are the actions that we take about doing good or about making ourselves feel good?
Authors Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert in their book, When Helping Hurts (2009, Moody Publishers) lead the reader through a discussion of just the type of questions above.  Their conclusions, and those of many readers of this book, are that helping can hurt when it removes the responsibility and joy of accomplishment from the person "being helped".
They acknowledge that there are times that immediate response to crisis are necessary—such as following natural disasters or tragedy.  They suggest that when we continue to respond in crisis mode we "train" people to remain in crisis need.  If an individual realizes that whenever the utility company threatens to end service a ministry will cover their expenses, they do not learn to budget their resources so that the threat is avoided.  While the bill may be paid, the individual has not had the opportunity to celebrate their sufficiency in dealing with the needs of himself/herself and his or her family.
Christian Women's Job Corps and Christian Men's Job Corps sites continuously evaluate the balance between the immediate/crisis needs and the underlying need responses to assist someone in growing into the person that God has created them to be.  This is not always easy especially for persons who have learned to function within generational poverty and in a social system that "helps" people.
Mentors are a vital instrument in providing the personal growth for each participant in CWJC and CMJC.  Mentors do not need to know all the answers (in fact, those who think they know all the answers tend to be "helpers") but rather need to be willing to walk alongside a participant as he/she figures out the answers for himself or herself.  Training is provided for mentors and on-going interaction with the site coordinator provides additional support to remind both the participant and mentor that they are not doing this alone.
If you are interested in serving as a mentor or volunteering in other ways with a site, please visit www.cwjcnc.org and search for a site near you.  If you don't find one in your area, please contact the state office, cwjcnc@gmail.com about the ways that you can support expansion of this ministry.
What comes to mind when you hear the word "Poverty"?
Living in this year of political sound bites and campaign promises....you probably have quite negative thoughts....or maybe you're just tired of hearing about it.  Our thoughts usually go very quickly to the financial poverty of those around us and ourselves.
There's more to poverty than just financial poverty.  In Gensis 2-3, we can find that there are other types of poverty beyond the punishment that the ground will become difficult to cultivate (poverty of resources).  We find that Adam and Eve have poverty of relationship with each other and that they even have a poverty of self-understanding.  But their greatest poverty by far is the poverty and brokenness of their relationship with God.
These four types of poverty are not unique to Adam and Eve....they continue to this day.  Much of the financial poverty in our society can be linked not only to the lack of resources of those that are impoverished but also to the brokenness and poverty of relationships with others, self and God.
Christian Women's Job Corps seek to heal the brokenness and poverty of those in their community.  Not every person who comes to CWJC is looking for a job—some are looking to find healing and wholeness in relationships.  Some are looking for hope in their lives that seem to be hopeless.  Some are trying to create a better life for their children and to create strong relationships that will prepare their children for a brighter future.
We provide opportunities for renewal and creating an environment for growth in many ways.  One of those ways is as we partner with other Christians through mentoring, Bible study and relationships that foster a sense of wholeness through Christ.
The CWJC Statement of Faith is:
We believe in the Trinity—God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit—and the Bible as the Word of God.  Salvation comes through grace by believing in Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God, our Savior and Lord.  Once saved, the Holy Spirit indwells, thereby instructing, guiding and empowering the individual to follow the mandate of Jesus Christ in daily living.
New sites for CWJC are in the developmental stages right now (see www.cwjcnc.org for a current listing).  You are invited to come alongside those who are choosing to affect all the types of poverty.