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Monday, March 02, 2015
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Children in Action

Children in Action
Children in Action is the missions organization for boys and girls in first
through sixth grades.  The curriculum is written in such a way that all
six grades can work together or smaller groups can be formed within age
Members of CiA, known as agents, are encouraged to help choose, plan
and conduct monthly missions activities, known as Live Action Projects.
Scripture comprehension and application are focused on throughout
the curriculum.
The CiA pledge illustrates the purpose of Children in Action:
"As a member of Children in Action,
I will pray for missions,
give to missions,
learn about missions,
and do missions through the power of Christ."
Through CiA, agents bein to realize that missions is possible as they learn how
missionaries fulfill their call.  They also begin to realize that they can make
a difference in their world as they respond to the needs that are around them.
The CiA prayer calendar provides a Missionary Kid (MK) for whom the agents pray through the following week.
If you want to begin a new CiA organization in your church, please contact our Growth Specialist.
(Your church may even qualigy to receive free curriculum for six months!)
The Children in Action motto states, "Send Me!"  (Isaiah 6:8).
Are you willing to help children respond to the call?
(Children's missions leader networking site)